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What is the Best Present For a Couple Who Wants to Get Married?

Guess? I am waiting. One, two, three, four. Yes, a synastry. I am beyond amazed at how the synatry is so accurate down to the pimple on the leg of a relationship, if I may be so crass. Each and every detail of the relationship shows in the synastry chart. I suppose I am addicted to Astrology because I cannot get over the order of the Universe. This is my church and what a church it is. Every chart I do is a foray into the wonders of God’s creation and how God knows each man, intimately. If you want to see the verse”Every hair on your head is numbered” in action, study Astrology.

When I embark on a chart, I do so with trepidation and excitement. I am allowed to see the inner workings of a human being ( and a relationship, if it is synastry) I feel like a surgeon with a human heart in my hands. I vow to be scrupulously honest, but I must use diplomacy, as people have sensitive egos. I am a Libra Ascendent, which is perfect for diplomacy.

However, back to my subject. The synastry will show you if you will share a best friend relationship( Moon aspects). The chart will show you if you can communicate(Mercury aspects). The chart will show you if you will have electric passion( Uranus aspects). The chart will show you if you will find the other person beautiful i.e your “type” (Venus aspects). The chart will show primal passion or lack of it( Pluto) The chart will show the potential for abuse( Nessus). The chart will show the nature of the drives of each person(Mars)

Hence, one has a plethora of information. Please, consider buying your best friend or yourself, a synastry chart, if you are embarking on becoming a couple. I am not saying this to promote myself, although it may seem that way. Find a synastry chart from someone, or do one yourself. However, please don’t be remiss in this, relatively simple and painless way of finding about who you are and the nature of your special someone.

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