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What Is The Hardest Thing To Have In Your Natal Chart?

I was thinking about the question” What is the hardest aspect on the natal chart?” Planets in the 12th house would be the hardest and by far, according to many classical astrologers. Then, I would ask about which aspect would be the hardest. I think it would be Saturn conjunct the Sun. Your Sun is your basic sense of self, the “who” of you. Saturn is cold water. It is the task master. It tells you ,”Do more. Try harder” It is a stern father who has a harsh hand. However, to be fair, Saturn will give you rewards of depth, if you persevere. At any rate, I think having Saturn conjunct your Sun would be the hardest aspect to have because it would feel like someone was always telling you that you could do it better, whatever “it” was. These people,usually, struggle with severe self doubt and insecurity, throughout their lives. There are other aspects which I think are hard such as Mercury conjunct Uranus, which I will talk about in another entry.

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