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What is Your Biggest Struggle?

Think of the things that trouble you, deep down, in the place no one knows.If you can put words to those places, I bet you will be describing your asteroids. The asteroids are personalized, as a monogram on your shirt. Teens love items with monograms. We, all, do, truth be told. We want to know that we matter, that we count. More importantly, we want to know that there is a plan, larger than our small one. No matter how big a person is, in his quiet moments, he is small. The asteroids tell your story. Do you think no one knows how your father abandoned you, your mother broke your heart, children made fun of you, or down deep, you think you are a mistake. Find your asteroids and your story will mirror the myths of old. They are not made up stories for students of Ancient History. They are our lives, in current times. When you find yours, you will feel as like you are home, if you are like I am.

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