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What Makes for Violence?

I am going to deal with four aspects, only. If someone wants to write to me about personal experience with other aspects, please do.I know about four aspects, in synastry, which make violence a possibility. They are Pluto square Mars, Moon square moon, Saturn square Mars and Nessus square Dejanira. The square is a stronger marker for violence than the opposition because the square is more of a pressure cooker with no escape valve for the steam. The opposition allows one to go on either side in a see-saw process. Hence, the pressure does not build up to the same degree as the square. The conjunction is the most intense aspect. The conjunction has intensity, but not the thwarting of each planet, in synastry, and the sense of being locked . I will leave it to you to extrapolate from the square to the opposition and conjunction. I will just deal with the square, in my examples, for ease of illustration.

Pluto square Mars in Synastry

Pluto is primal passions as one sees in a tiger staling it’s prey in the wild. Take away social niceties and one has Pluto. Mars is action. Mars is any of our drives from assertion, to aggression to passion. You can see how you would not want these two “strong men in a pressure cooker situation. That being said, Mars square Pluto can be the kind of passion where you cannot get enough of each other. Perhaps, this kind of passion is so intense that when tempers flare, the border between passion and violence can get blurred.

Mars square Moon in Synastry

The Moon represents woman, the mother and one’s own feminine nature( whether one is a man or a woman). Mars represents all our drives, as explained in the previous example. When we have the feminine nature in a stalemate or stronghold with the drives, we have a potential for explosion in which violence may be a possibility.

Saturn square Mars

Saturn is responsibility, delayed gratification, working slowly toward a goal and an overall seriousness in life. Saturn could be called a wet blanket, in common parlance. Mars is drive. When Mars touches Saturn, we could have a helping relationship such as in a mentor. We may, also, have a slave driver who makes it his responsibility to whip the other into shape. Either could happen. In the latter, there would be the possibility of violence due to frustration on the part of the Mars person,most likely.

Nessus square Dajanira

Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. We all have an inner abuser. We all are capable of taking what we want from another person with no thought for their welfare. Dejanira is the asteroid of the victim. We are all capable of lying down and being raped. We are all capable of anything. Hence, for this example, if we have the energy of the abuser thwarting the energy of the victim, you can imagine what could happen

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