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What Makes You Stand Up For Yourself?

426192_370560499630965_1147051277_nYou could ask it the other way, “What makes you be a wimp and not stand up for yourself?” To stand up for oneself, one needs a healthy ego. The Sun is the ego. One of the worst things that can happen to the Sun is to have it conjunct Saturn. This is a massive dose of self doubt. The person’s father, usually, was oppressively strict and authoritarian. The result was huge self doubt and insecurity.

We have another hard situation but very different than the above. That would be Neptune conjunct the Sun. In this case, the person finds it very hard to have a solid identity.This aspect is known for addictions. It is classic for a drug addict or alcoholic. Neptune dissolves what it touches. When it touches the Sun in a conjunction, the ego can dissolve. This can be very painful. Addictions can numb out pain. That is what they are there for, really. Hence, the classic sign of the addict is Sun conjunct Neptune.

Keeping with our article, both of the above aspects would have a hard time standing up for themselves. The former would have too much self doubt. The latter would feel he did not have enough identity to defend.

Pluto is the planet of power. A well placed Pluto is a person who stands up for himself. The classic “strong person” has Pluto in the first house. This person vibes strength and authority. I call this the “cop stopping you for a ticket” position. You feel the cop’s power as he walks to your car. There is no doubt who is boss and it is not you. Picture this scenario when you want to understand Pluto in the first house.

One of my most beloved clients is a professor. She has Pluto in the First House. Her students respect her authority. All positions of authority could use a Pluto in the First House.Not all people in positions of authority have Pluto in the First House. There are other ways that Pluto can make a person strong. Pluto is primal power. Think of a lion roaming the veld. No one messes with him. He is all magnificent cat power. He is the king. He knows is, as do all others. He does not think. He pounces. He does not waver. He acts. If anything in the chart could be pure strength, it would be Pluto.

Pluto conjunct the MC is a power position. People do not mess with this person.This person is like the cop in the above example. However, this person would be more of a power figure in his career. Both the ASC and MC positions are a strong person but the place in which this strength shows would be different.The ASC person would walk through regular life with the stride of a power house. The MC person would do so in his career and his position in society. Both are strong people. Both are blessed with a natural strength to which others envy.

Now, let’s look at Pluto conjunct the IC and DSC. These are not powerful positions but weak positions, in my opinion.Pluto conjunct the DSC is a classic position for a person who gives up her power. We could call her a co-dependent. She looks for power in the partner. What is conjunct the DSC will be sought in the partner. This is just what happens to planets that conjunct the DSC.

Pluto conjunct the IC is a person who had a very shaky early home. One does not want Pluto in the house of the childhood home, the 4th house. This makes for a very tumultuous early life. This is not the person’s fault, as are any of the chart placements. However, one has to try to work with what one has. That is a general chart rule, one could say. Only God knows why we get the chart we do. I have an easy chart but feel my life was not easy, so I can’t quite figure out that one, either.

Pluto conjunct the Sun makes for a strong person, too. My favorite aunt has Pluto conjunct the Sun in the fourth house. She was a powerhouse champion for children. No one could hurt a child when she was around. Her children were all wonderful people and tops in their careers. They were truly blessed with the devotion of a mother with this aspect.

Moon conjunct Pluto does not confer the personal strength, in this way. It makes one’s emotions too tumultuous. One’s relationship with one’s own mother may have been too close and too oppressive.

Venus conjunct Pluto weakens one, rather than strengthens one. It makes one toooo obsessed when it comes to love. Love overtakes the person in a crazy way. This would be the proverbial person who could not eat, sleep or drink when he was in love. This is a sad one, to me.

We have barely scratched the surface of the subject and we have just begun. That happens in Astrology because there is so much to say. I think the classic HOUSE position which could not stand up for himself would be 12th House.The 12th House is the House of suppression. Suppression is a turning inward of the self. Picture a time when you felt really humiliated, Maybe, you were a child and other kids were bullying you, Maybe, you were surrounded by bullies. You wanted to die. You wanted the earth to open up and swallow you. You just hurt. You hurt badly and you didn’t know how to escape. That is how 12th House planets feel. For any planet which finds itself in the 12th House, it will struggle badly to find expression. It will be a weenie. It will be a wimp. It will quiver and shake if it needs to stand up and be counted. It will do most anything to pull into the darkness and not make a mark, anywhere. Think of this when you see 12th house planets. They are very hard.

I don’t have 12th House planets but I have a heart for those who do. I understand that terrible feeling of wanting the floor to open up and swallow one. I suppose it is shame. I suppose it is feeling that one does not deserve a place on this earth. It hurts as badly as about anything. I feel the 12th House as this kind of feeling. It is the feeling that one feels he cannot act, even though he wants to. He feels lost in the fog. He feels lost to himself. He feels lost to know how to act. He resigns himself to inaction. This pain is the pain of the 12th House, in my opinion. If you have 12th House planets, please comment because I will defer to you!

I just saw a chart with Chiron conjunct the ASC. This is a sign of severe bullying, My conclusion is that people cannot stand to see pain. They will pick at a person who shows pain like chickens will pluck a bloody chicken to death. Is this really true? I should ask my friend who has chickens in his backyard. It may be an old wives tale. However, people will bully a Chiron conjunct the ASC. This is evidence of man’s fallen human nature *Sigh* What can one say? These people would have a hard time standing up for themselves because they were indoctrinated to be bullied. Chiron conjunct the ASC is the worst place for Chiron, in my opinion. Chiron is hard anyplace you put it but Chiron conj the ASC amps it up many notches.

I was going to take a bite of steak and I bit off a whole cow. I want to get back to Houses, for a bit. A stellium is three or more planets in a House or sign. Certain House stelliums will stand up for themselves. Certain ones will not. Lets look at a few. The classic House stellium which would not stand up for himself would be the 12th House stellium. We talked about this, so I will not elaborate further. The second stellium which would not stand up for himself would be the 7th House stellium. This stellium is focused on a partner. It is just how this stellium is made. This stellium would sacrifice for the partner to the exclusion of his own needs.

Certain House stelliums would be assertive.The one that comes to mind is the First House stellium. This person will be the first to stand up. However, she has to watch that she does not get SO self centered that she is a turn off to others. This stellium tends to be more self centered than any other However, if you need someone to help fight your battles, a First House stellium will be the one to choose. As with all things, the key to the yin and the yang is balance. Balance is what is very hard for the human. Hence, we have most of our dilemmas.

A tenth house Stellium is a strong person, too. This is because the Tenth House rules career and society. This person will usually have to learn to stand up if he is to be successful in a career. He is usually successful in a career. hence, he has become an assertive person in the process.

A Ninth house stellium gives an intellectual strength. One will know that one can study what one wants and succeed but it may not translate to personal strength. This would be the case with many other House Stelliums. The Second House stellium would be good with affairs of the material world but may not have personal strength. The person with the Third House stellium may be a good communicator but not have personal strength. The person with the Fifth House stellium may be creative and a super star when it comes to romance but not have personal strength. The person with the Sixth house Stellium may be a wonderful worker and a devoted friend but may not have personal strength. The person with the Eleventh House stellium may be a superstar in groups but may not have personal strength. I hope that gave you a brief idea about stelliums and how they can play out.

Before we conclude this article, let’s look at the chart shape. If the planets are on the top half, the person will be an extrovert. if the planets are on the bottom, the person will be an introvert. An extrovert can stand up for himself much easier than an introvert.

As I scan this article, I realize that I just scratched the surface. However, I will end here, so that this article does not get too cumbersome for one to read. I have gotten some lovely Comments that made my day. I look forward to your Comments a great deal. Please, keep them coming!






19 thoughts on “What Makes You Stand Up For Yourself?

  1. amiannkayla Farwell

    I have a cancer stellium in my 12th house with sun, chiron, mercury and jupiter. sometimes i feel like i want to b myself but then I just give up for awhile. that feeling goes back and forth. it is a really hard house. but everything u said about the twelfth house is true….u said it perfectly.

    It will quiver and shake if it needs to stand up and be counted. It will do most anything to pull into the darkness and not make a mark, anywhere. thanks for writing this

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Dear Kayla
      You so made my day. Those words just came to me and I was a bit afraid to put them down because I don’t have a 12th house and it is a little like assuming you know what someone feels when you don’t have it. I am SO glad it fit. My articles seem to come from a Source outside myself. I just let them flow. I am so glad I did in this case. Bless you, Friend.

  2. amiannEva

    Hi Ami,
    my moon is in 12th house. I am very emotional but in same time I always find it very hard to show it. I don’t know how to explain it but I would compare it to elephant doing ballet, that’s how it feels. And I hate it, because it make me look like cold person to those who don’t know me very well, or maybe even those who I love. But I make sure I always tell to my dearest ones that I love them. Only person who I truly don’t feel awkward to show my love is my beloved little son. With him it’s so easy for me to express my feelings and love. I feel safe and not judged.
    As well I have very low self esteem so I have little self confidence but I don’t know if 12th house moon have something to do with it.
    I can smile or laugh on outside but inside I can be in completely different place, place where I need to hide to/and protect myself, place where I hide my emotional state.
    I feel like I have to always hide my seriousness inside I don’t want to or can’t show it to no one. But no matter how hard I try to hide, when I am not ok everybody can see, it’s just written on my face. I have 3 planets in 4th house so maybe that’s why my home is literally where I hide from outside world. It is my shell.
    My life wasn’t always easiest but I always try to look at what I have and not at what I don’t and thanks god I am not materialistic person so it’s easier to do that.
    I am spiritual and I believe in god and since very early age I was having very serious thought about certain matters. My childhood wasn’t very simple at times but I was always surrounded by love so I consider my childhood beautiful.
    When it comes to relationships with men I wish I would be able to show my tenderness and my feelings freely, but it’s so hard for me, I don’t know why. I whish I would be like other women who can do it so naturally. Maybe I am scared that I will be pushed away. It’s so frustrating is like you really want to do it but you can’t. Because of it I don’t feel feminine enough. My ex used to tell me (and it didn’t make things easier for me) that I am like a little girl and I should act like woman. That’s why he probably left me. I find it very hard to be spontaneous and to express my self.
    I am different person on outside that I am inside and maybe I am sending wrong signals to people.
    On the outside is my aries sun and inside is my 12th house moon. But thanks god my moon trines my sun.

  3. amiannnick

    Your comment on the 12th house is a bit extreme. There are plenty of people who have made their mark with 12th house planets. I wish you would give us some credit.

    it will be a weenie. It will be a wimp. It will quiver and shake if it needs to stand up and be counted. It will do most anything to pull into the darkness and not make a mark, anywhere.

    David Beckham, Madonna, Jodie foster, Joseph Stalin, and many other 12th house people, rather it be athletic people, singers, professors, commanders, leaders all have made an positive mark on the world.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Nick. Point taken but I wonder if they felt this way inside. Also, which 12th House planet(s) did these people have? Write about it if you care to. I would be interested in seeing and thanks for your comment! I am always open to new points of view, Friend.

  4. amiannnick

    Most of them had sun and mercury in the 12th house. Im sure they felt this way one time or the other. But we dont feel like this all the time. just from time to time. We do enjoy living and life, laughing and smiling. We have setbacks and failures but also with a little drive have success.
    There are a lot of gifts with 12th house placements but sometimes because of inhibition we hide them but the light of the sun will eventually shine thru the Neptunian haze

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Nick dear
      If you would like to put your chart up in my personal Readings Forum, I could take a look. You could ask any questions you might have and we can talk about your chart!

  5. amiannnick

    OK I left asteroids also, if this link doesnt work my Info is as follows

    Born MArch 23,1991 jacksonville Fl, 7:41 am

  6. amiannGrace

    Great article Amiann! 🙂
    (You’re absolutely right about Venus conjunct Pluto btw. I have it conjunct my MC along with Mercury.)
    I always read your articles because they are so informative. I hope you write more articles about some of the lesser known asteroids. Info about them are so hard to come by. Thank you for such valuable info!

  7. amiannLaura

    Can’t completely agree with your take on the 12th too. It’s a bit one sided & too negative for my liking. I have 3 planets there & my South Node. I don’t recognise myself in the description. I think this position is quite powerful if people start working through it & take the experience from the 12th into ‘reality’/’bring it across to others’, because 12th housers are very much in touch with the collective subconcious & can grasp layers that people with olny a/a more mundane approach can’t.

  8. amiannLon Spector

    Pluto in the 1st a “power” position? Could have fooled me. I also have Pluto conj. my
    asendant. Nobody ever respected me. Quite the opposite.
    Pluto in the 1st can be a very self-protective, risk adverse placement. They are also very
    reclusive. Greta Garbo, a famous actress who quit Holloywood to live an isolated life, was
    famous for the statement: “I want to be alone.”

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