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What Traits Do You Want In a Partner?

Even the absolute beginner can study about the traits of his/her ideal partner. It is an easy study. One’s Descendant embodies the traits which will complete one. The DSC is opposite to the Ascendant(ASC). The ASC is who we are in the every day world. The ASC is the cusp of the first house which is the house of “us”. The first house shows our appearance, mannerisms, personality and reactions to every day life situations. The house opposite to the first house shows the traits we want in a partner. It is simple and complex in it’s beauty and order. Do you see why Astrology brings me closer to God? Astrology shows the order of the universe brought down to each person, in unfathomable detail. Who but God could do this? If you have never read The Bible Code, get a copy. Then, compare it to the charts. The similarities are mind boggling in the Intelligence of one who could order the macrocosm to the microcosm.

I digress from the subject which are the traits of your ideal partner. I have written 12 articles on the 12 signs of the Zodiac. I feel they are quite complete in their detail. Find your Descendant sign and study the article for that sign. See if that sign attracts you. Conversely, the traits of the DSC sign are those we feel are missing in us. In fact, they are missing in us( or nt well developed) No one can be all things, of course. This is the basis for attraction to a partner. However, the DSC sign is one of those parts of the chart which can show you what you need to develop in yourself. It is quite enlightening to look at the DSC sign in this way. As always, write on my Comment Form with any insights you may have found. It is, always, exciting for me to find your comments!













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