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Why Are We Here? For Rod—My Dear Chilean Friend

My perspective is Biblical, of course. The Bible answers all our questions. Any lack is in our understanding, not in the dissemination of information. Why are we here? God wanted a creature with whom He could share Himself. God is complete, yet He wanted us. He wanted a creatures who had his own mind and will, just as we want that in our friends. God wanted to be loved freely, not because it was demanded. Angels are created beings who serve God. They do not have their own minds. Man is made in God’s image, which is a hard concept to grasp. Animals are not made in God’s Image . I think this allows us to extrapolate as to God’s Attributes. I think God has a sense of humor. He cares to have friendship, as this is why He made man. God has feelings. Jesus wept. Jesus was angry. So, the answer to the question posed would be that we are here to be God’s.

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