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Why Do I Feel Like a Wallflower? ———–Saturn’s Nature Within Each of Us

Saturn is the unattractive step daughter who had to go to the dance in an old dress while the other girls twirled in glorious splendor with lovely gowns and flexible bodies. The step daughter had just gone on a binge and could not button her gown.. Saturn is the child who stares out the window longingly while the other children romp and skip. Saturn wishes to join but stops as the pain of rejection is not worth the effort of trying. We each have a Saturn: a place where we feel like a failure. No one wants to admit this, as we all want to be seen as self confident, winners. Certain parts of the chart are drudgery. We want to shed them and dance free. However, with Saturn, he makes us work for every bit of freedom.Work is Saturn’s middle name He will give us our desires but we must earn them with blood and tears. Saturn is the Phd who spent late nights studying while the other kids were out and about. He has something of great value but it was not free.

Saturn makes a distinct splash when it hits a sign. It is not a joyful splash. It is a thud. The native hits the sand with his rear end, a little dazed and confused. He is off center. He has lost his mojo. He stands there ackwardly, hands in pockets . What is the matter? He has just met his Saturn . Saturn will dog him until he climbs her mountain slowly and carefully.One will not do so in a few short years. One may yield some of Saturn’s wisdom by middle age if one is lucky. Luck really has little to do with it. Saturn is all about hard work .

With that in mind, lets look at Saturn in the Houses and Signs. Saturn will cool the sign and house it touches. It will make the sign and house inaccessible to the native unless there are compensating factors in the chart. However, for the teaching purposes of this article, we will look at Saturn as a stand alone element in a sign and a house.

Saturn in Aries or the First House may quell the self confidence of the native. Aries is a confident go getter. The First House is the House of the self. Hence, when Saturn hits either of the two, the native may feel an insecurity about putting himself forth. He may hang back and wait for encouragement rather than act in a typical “devil may care” Aries way.

Saturn in Taurus or the Second House may make money hard to acquire. One may have to work hard for little gain.One may not have ease in material possessions. If one sticks to his course, he will achieve his material goals as Saturn does reward effort but the effort must be sincere and persistent.

Saturn in Gemini or the Third House may make the native insecure in his communication. He may feel as if he is not as smart or witty as someone else. He may stutter. He may have a learning disability. He may be too shy to speak up in class. As with all Saturn placement, if he persists he may go beyond those to whom communication came easily.

Saturn in Cancer or the Fourth House may be a person who grew up in a house devoid of warmth. His basic needs may have been attended to but his heart stayed cold. He may carry the pain of a cold early home with him. He may find that his own home as an adult does not come easily to him in that he may struggle to keep a home. Home life may have some pall over it, at any rate. This will persist until the native learns the lessons of maturity in the domain of the home, as this is his particular arena of learning.

Saturn in Leo or in the Fifth House may be a person who cannot shine his light. He may have to paint by number and never break free to color outside of the lines. He may not like to shout his own tune and would rather stay in the anonymous crowd. Leo is the child. He runs and jumps, free to sing his own tune. Saturn quells the expression of what it touches. Hence, a fifth house Saturn or Saturn in Leo may be a insecure lion who waits for someone to show him the way rather than risk embarrassment.

Saturn in Virgo or the Sixth House may be afraid to offer service as he feels he has little to offer. He has the desire to pitch in and help. However, he may talk himself out of it before he makes the smallest first step. The sixth house is both health and service. The native may have health issues or Saturn may play out in an insecurity of his own value: his own ability to contribute to the world.

Saturn in Libra or the Seventh House may be afraid to form a partnership i.e. commit to marriage. He may be scared stiff of the concept of “we”. He may not admit this and may couch it in fancy terms but we all have a Saturn and it whispers in our ear. To this native, Saturn may tell him of the perils of marriage. He may cite divorce stats. However, down deep he is afraid of failure as we all are in the place which our Saturn alights.

Saturn in Scorpio or Saturn in the Eigth House may make the person a walking head. In other words, his body may be an alien with which he has an awkward relationship. He may dress and feed it but don’t talk about passion or he may run for the hills Saturn may quell the fires of Scorpio. You may find this native in permanent librarian dress: a black buttoned down suit with a blouse buttoned to the top. Saturn in the Eigth House may make for a prude. Saturn does not like unbridled passion which is Scorpio’s domain. However, as with all Saturns, nothing is permanently lost.It just goes underground. Get your shovels and start digging.You may find yourself with a wardrobe of black silk if you keep at it.

Saturn in Sagittarius of Saturn in the Ninth House may make a person afraid to pursue higher education. The native may feel insecure in the domain of the intellect. Saturn announces it’s frailties to us. We are the closest to him, after all. We know all our foibles better than anyone.Hence, we know just how Saturn works in our lives. This is both good and bad. It is good because we can address it. It s bad because we may feel discouraged and give up. Hang in there as Saturn promises reward.

Saturn in Capricorn or Saturn in the Tenth House is a special place as Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and the Tenth House. Saturn likes his natural home as do all planets. Saturn in Capricorn is has a sense of maturity. He may have been the kind of child who was old before his time. He may have appeared like a serious, little old man. The Saturn in Capricorn native is a trustworthy soul. He is worthy of one’s trust and respect as he holds it with so much honor. Don’t be disloyal to a strongly Capricorn individual. You will be booted out on your rear end with the door locked behind you. The native with Saturn in the Tenth House will work hard to achieve his career goals. He defines delayed gratification. As such, he may be very successful in middle age.

Saturn in Aquarius or Saturn in the Eleventh House may make the native struggle with caring about the world beyond his small boundaries. Aquarius is known to love humanity but not people. As such, Saturn here may make the person centered on his own world, yet desiring to help those beyond it. Saturn will push us on to conquer it’s limitations. Saturn in the Eleventh House may be shunned by groups as he can’t seem to fit in.If he perseveres, he may reach his goals of being a man who cares for others and can offer help as a group member and through the group setting.

Saturn in Pisces of Saturn in the Twelfth House may make the dreamy sense of connection to the next dimension hard. Pisces rules the next dimension. We go there when we day dream, listen to music such that we get lost and meditate. We go to the next dimension when we drink or take drugs. Access to the next dimension produces a poet, a mystic and a drug addict. One must use caution when entering. Those will Saturn placed in Pisces or the Twelfth House may feel unable to access these other worldly realms. They must persist with creative and spiritual pursuits if they are to reach their destiny. Saturn is just like that, for all of us.



2 thoughts on “Why Do I Feel Like a Wallflower? ———–Saturn’s Nature Within Each of Us

  1. amiannBlackbird

    Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th
    Saturn conjunct Sun
    Saturn conjunct Mercury
    Saturn conjunct Pluto
    Saturn square Ascendant

    This is my entire life. Saturn and Pluto, Saturn and Pluto. Unattractive. Alone, never venturing outside. Not worth the effort. Afraid of rejection. An alien. A prude. Insecure. Discouraged. Certain parts of the chart are drudgery? My entire chart is drudgery. I don’t know what’s at the other end of the tunnel. Whatever it is, it’s not worth it. Not worth a life of constant pain and frustration and confusion and struggle with no bright spots, no joy, no happiness. Life is overrated. Fuck life. I just want to sleep.

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