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Why Do People Attack You?

I have Moon conjunct the MC. I was born to show my heart to the world. I am Cancer Moon, so have a tender heart. This is not a bad position to have the moon. Cancer is my favorite sign in which to have the moon. However, I have learned some important lessons as a result of following my natural inclination, which is to be open. One cannot be open, in a childlike manner, in large social settings. The reason is not what you think, perhaps. There is too much jealousy for anyone who achieves anything. There is too much jealousy for someone who shines, with purity of heart and spirit. I am not aggrandizing myself, as I am very flawed, but I do have an open spirit. However, I cannot let it remain, as such, as there are some people who are pure wolves.

The reason they are wolves lies in their own insecurities. Usually, you are what they want to be, to put it in one sentence. Envy is a powerful emotion. All the primal emotions are powerful. One is a fool to ignore them. I suppose I was a fool. Cancer Moon conjunct the MC does make one, somewhat, innocent. Cancer Moon, itself, lends an innocent, childlike quality to a person. This is classic for Cancer Moon, particularly woman. I don’t mind this trait, as I feel it offers something special to this hardened world. However, as I mature, I see that is it folly to bare my neck to the fangs of wolves.

I am forced to pull back, a little, not all the way. I was meant to share my heart. I will just be wiser in how I do so.

The Bible says to be as wise as serpents, gentle as doves.

If you have a planet conjunct your MC, it is your destiny, for better or worse. You do need to use wisdom in all things. This is just one example. The Bible is the book of all wisdom.

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