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WHY Do People Get So Defensive When You Talk About Their Signs?

bad shoes I have chart placements that people don’t like. I have Venus in Gemini. It is called a baaaad flirt. I have Libra ASC. It called vain and lazy. OK–I cop the guilty plea 😀

9 thoughts on “WHY Do People Get So Defensive When You Talk About Their Signs?

  1. amiannNany

    i feel people get defensive because they fail to recognize that they are not just signs but a complex mixture of energy that is very individual and unique. for e.g i have moon in saggitarius(which perhaps would be positively described) but i can scream and tell that my heart is not saggitariun- i hate to travel, i think a lot before taking a risk, i am not joyful/upbeat. my confusion cleared when i found my lilith(1 degree) and mercury(2 degree) conjunct my moon. so perhaps that has an effect. so may be we need a lot more detailing about ourselves.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is super interesting, Nany. For some reason, your Moon is not that dominant. Do you have a stellium some where? If so, where? Why do you think you are not that Saggi like?

      1. amiannNany

        Ami! i do not have a stellium( more than 3 planets in a sign or house ,excluding asteroids or other points) anywhere.some of the reasons why i do not feel like a sagittariun i have listed.there are others for e.g despite mercury in saggi i like detailing. the astrological reason i guessed was my lilith in between my moon and mercury in a tight conjunction. i would love your opinion and experience

  2. amiannkayla

    I never found myself caring except when someone says something mean about cancer sun sign things:( mayb cuz most of my chart is cancer? Dont know. I have venus In gemini too:)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I see, Kayla. Well, I did get my feelings hurt when Brian said the Libra ASC always wanted to look good or something like that, so I answered my own question 😀

  3. amiannLon Spector

    I’ve know two gals with Venus in Gemini. One was a visiting nurse who tended to my
    sickly mother. She was a gorgeious girl who was once a model, and would have been
    an actress, if she didn’t have problems with anxiety attacks. She grew to hate me, as
    do all people with the xx chromosone make up.
    The other is known by all: Jodi Arias. She had Venus in Gemini. With her track record
    in relationships, it figures.

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