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Why Do Some People Have Hard Charts While Other People Have Easy Charts?

Why do some people have VERY hard charts? Why do some people have easy charts? All students of Astrology ask this. The range of difficulty between charts is gargantuan. There are certain aspects which seem to break a person. Moon conjunct Dejanira is one of the hardest aspects, in my humble opinion. This aspect seems to result in a fractured self.That is my limited experience.. There are other very difficult aspects. Saturn conjunct personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars seems very hard, too. Saturn produces great insecurity and self doubt in what it touches. When Uranus touches Mercury in a hard aspect, it may result in a mental instability. The Asteroids open all sorts of possibilities as many are derived from Greek Myths. One knows the perils and angst to which the characters in Greek Myth were subjected. I will mention a few Asteroids for your consideration. Sedna is betrayal so badly that it may lead to death. Nessus is abuse with no thought for the other i.e, rape. Dejanira is the victim who is raped and does not protest. Medusa is vanity leading to vengeance from another woman’s jealousy. Echo languishes because she cannot get Narcissus to see her. Narcissus wants love very badly but cannot love. Osiris was chopped into 13 pieces by his brother. He was resurrected as happens in myth, not in life. Osiris represents the hero’s journey in terrible adversity. Orchus is the picture of Rocky forcing his beaten body to stand up for the count.One can get a small appreciation of the difficulties inherent in some charts and hence some lives. Other people do not have the degree of severe struggle as others which is the subject of this piece.

I have some possible answers. No one can know definitive answers as the realm is unknowable. Let us start with God as He is the beginning and the end for a Born Again Christian. For God, there is not time as we know it. All things are happening at the same time. Current Physics agrees with this so science and God do meet. At any rate, God sees our lives from birth to death. I believe that one’s chart is the map of our lives but more than that. I believe God fashioned each person’s chart with attention to every single small detail. As such, God gave each person the chart that was right for each person. Why does someone get a hard chart while another person gets an easy one? I think the hard chart was given to bring the person to God. That is my answer. God knew what each person needed to find Him. God also knew who would be Born Again and who would not. The Bible says that there is one way to get to the True God. That is by being Born Again. All other ways lead to darkness and a false god. Hence, I think those with difficult charts and hence difficult lives have such so they will humble themselves and find the One True God.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Have Hard Charts While Other People Have Easy Charts?

  1. amiannVJ

    I certainly won’t debate about the “hard charts” having to find GOD. Although, I grew up in the Baptist Church in Texas, my family was not devoted to, or practiced what they preached. So, I didn’t have a real understanding or trust in the Universe because I knew as long as I was healthy, and had a descent education, there was no real use for GOD.

    Well, since the age of 35, when my life began to “really” fall apart, financially, there’s nothing I’d rather depend on than “GOD.” Even though now, I am in the bowels of hell, financially, again, I know that everything happens for a reason.

    But, I do know that nothing will bring a person closer to GOD than the loss of “finances.”


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, VJ. I was just thinking about what makes someone find God. It can be some disaster. It is hard to watch people run away from God when I wish they would find Him BEFORE they are flat on their faces before Him. It took that for me, though. Sounds like it was the same way for you!

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