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Why Do We Accept Abusive Relationships?

I think there is a mundane reason and an astrological reason. They converge, as does everything when you study astrology. Have you ever had a relationship which everyone told you was bad? Everyone seemed to see what you could not. It may have gotten to the point where you could not even discuss the relationship with anyone, as everyone turned against you, if you chose to continue. You knew you are doing wrong. You knew you were being ridiculous, but you knew it in your mind, only. Your body and soul felt, differently. You put your mind on the shelf, all the while knowing you were walking in to danger. Why? There would be a mundane reason and an astrological reason. The mundane one could be that you have low self esteem. This may be true. However, the mundane reason is of the earth. The astrological chart is of the heavens.


I am a counselor. I would never counsel without the charts, ever, not since I discovered the charts. Back to our topic. There are astrological reasons for the above question. A woman, for example, may have been abused and , indeed, have low self esteem. On this the mundane and the astrological agree. However, the chart can show your abuse, in detail. If one wants to go one step further, one can see the parent’s impact. A woman who is in an abusive relationship was abused, most likely. One cannot make a doctrine out of it, though, as I am sure some woman were not. Either way, if there is an abusive relationship, it touches on the most primal parts of the human being. We, all, have a natural insecurity, from the uncertainties of life. The abusive relationship pulls on our need to belong, and more so, on our need to validate our right to exist. We, all, question ourselves, at the deepest level. I think, even the most secure person. The abusive relationship manages to get in to this space and pull on it, as one would tug on a cord.

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