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Why Does Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant Get Bullied?

The charts are my teachers. Books can take you just so far but there is no substitute for jumping in and doing charts while ferociously picking the brains of people. I specialize in this 😀

I started noticing that almost every Chiron conj the ASC had severe bullying. One person said she did not, but I don’t believe her. In Astrology as in Psychology, there is denial or outright lying. Most cases seem to be the former. However, the chart never lies and people do.That is my philosophy in these kinds of cases. Most people who seek a counselor or an astrologer want to be honest, especially if they are paying for it. If not, they may not be as honest. However, lets get back to Chiron conjunct the ASC, the subject of this article.

I have pondered why Chiron conj the ASC has severe bullying. It came to me in my travels and my many interactions with people. Chiron conj the ASC is pain worn on the outside. One cannot hide the planet that conjuncts the ASC. Many people wish they could because who likes to be exposed on personal issues. However, the ASC position is what it is. You show your ASC to the world. You show the planet which conjuncts it, to the world. You show the asteroids which conjunct it, to the world. You show the Fixed Stars which conjunct it, to the world. Chiron is unique in the chart. It is one’s deepest pain. I don’t know anyone who wants to show that to the world. However Chiron conjunct the ASC has no choice, in my opinion. They may not show it 24/7, but they will show it as part of their personality traits.

Why bullying, you may ask? Bullying comes about because weak people who are hiding their own pain feel compelled to lash out at the pain of others. Strong people do not. Bullies are always cowards. You can test the mettle of a person by seeing what they do with the weakness of another. The person who is strong will reach out with help. The person who is weak will bully. Most people are not mature or well developed. Hence, the person with Chiron conjunct the ASC will get bullied.

Can people help getting bullied? God is greater than any chart. Other than God, I would say no.


15 thoughts on “Why Does Chiron Conjunct the Ascendant Get Bullied?

  1. amiannTarek

    Hello Ami…
    Tarek from Alexandria, Egypt.
    My reply on this Subject doesn’t mean that I have this placement.

    I am just writing to you to tell you that I like your way of thinking a lot, and also I like that you do not write only to say harmonious things, you are saying what you really see whatever it is, and whatever people may react to… This is courage.

    A question for you:
    What if Chiron on the DC?
    (I don’t have this placement again, but is this mean that the native may encounter/Marry a bullies?

    I liked your page, website, and also I sent you a friendship invitation.

    Thank you so much, and have a nice day.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Tarek, dear. You made my day! Chiron conj the DSC may be someone who denies his own pain but finds lovers with a great deal of pain.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Thank you, Tarek. You made my day! Come and register on my Forum and you can put up your chart and ask questions. I would love to meet you and talk more 🙂

  2. amiannLioness

    Your point seems quite right. I have Chiron conjunct ASC, Moon and Venus, all in Cancer, 12th house – like, the worst thing ever. I’ve been bullied as a kid and it took me years (like, much more than a decade) to deal with the feeling of never feeling accepted. I still haven’t figured out how good my Chiron can be. It’s a hard aspect.

  3. amiannlovelife

    Does it have to conjunct the Asc though?

    Unless my birth time is waaay off, I have Chiron in my 1st house(but not aspecting the Asc), I have also been bullied as a kid.

    One day I was physically assaulted by a group of kids whilst walking with my sister. The event shamed me and made me fear physical violence or altercations.

  4. amiannlena

    Hi Amiann,

    My 3 year old daughter has got Chiron (12th house, Pisces) conj 1.4 degrees Asc in Pisces and also conj Neptune (12th house, Aqua) 3.8 degrees. According to your article she will most definitely get bullied then. Is there maybe a counteractive placement that can mitigate this one? Or maybe some other Chiron aspects could help ie Chiron sextiles Pluto. Can I do anything to help her?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Lena

      Well, I would consider home school or something like that to TRY to help but I really wonder how much you could. To me, Jesus, and Jesus only, can overcome a chart. Short of that, I think it will play out, unfortunately.

  5. amiannPoppyTears

    What about Chiron’s transits?
    I will have Chiron conjunction Ascendant from May 2014 until end of January 2017. If someone tries to bully me, I will bite 🙂

  6. amiannSimone

    Looking at a synastry chart between my mother and sister, I see that my mother’s Chiron is in conjunction my sister’s ascendant.
    My 28year old sister bullies my 60year old mother and always has. It is strange because my mother wouldn’t allow anyone else to bully her.
    Have you ever noticed this in synastry?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, S. Great observation. With Chiron, it is strange. I have seen the Chiron person wanting the planet/angle person to heal them. This can make for all sorts of fights, both ways. The Chiron person seems to want healing from the other person so your mother wants healing from your sister, so maybe your sister bullies because she has been given a power position.

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