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Why Does God “”‘Make”” You Believe in Jesus in Order to Get to Heaven?

I would like to reach out to people who think the Bible is an ignorant book for ignorant people. I used to think this , so am a good person to address this subject. There is no question anyone can ask me that I will think is silly. All questions, asked with a sincere interest are welcomed. To answer the question posed, one must go back to God’s Creation of man. God created man with the perfect ” everything”, an idyllic existence. Man did not have to work. All food was provided. The climate was perfect.Man had his soul mate , woman. The one “flaw” to the system was that God did not want robots . He wanted man to have a choice of whether to love Him. Love included obedience and recognition of God’s Place as the Head of man. This is where the story goes downhill and ends up in the state in which we find ourselves, in current times.


What good is having someone love you, if they have no choice in the matter? That would be the difference between a stuffed animal and a real dog. God created man to be God’s friend. That is what the word fellowship means. It means spending time together, talking and sharing. God wanted fellowship with man. If man had no choice, it would be akin to fellowship with a stuffed animal. Thus, God made man with the ability to choose AND God placed a choice at man’s disposal. The tree was not important, in and of itself. The choice was what was important. The event of man’s choosing to disobey God is what is called The Fall.


Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve. This is a true event, not a fable, to those of us who believe the Bible .At the moment when man disobeyed God, creation started a downward momentum. “Sin” came in to the world. “Sin” is such an overused word that no one really knows what it means. It is disobedience to God. When “sin” entered the perfect creation, man’s road, in this world, changed, drastically. Everything that hurts us, came in to being. Prior to Man’s fall, there was NO death, sickness, pain, heartache, or ego. Man did not know that he was separate from God.When man sinned, he realized he was separate from God. Man realizing he was naked was a recognition that he was separate. Prior to that man, had no self awareness:what we would call, ego.

Now, man was no longer perfect . Man could not be a part of God’s perfect World. God is perfect. Anything which is not perfect cannot come in to Gods Presence. Prior to this, one could say that man lived in Heaven on earth. The Garden of Eden was a picture of Heaven. From the point of mans’ disobedience, God’s story became HOW to get man back to Himself. Think of how much trouble God went to for man. God never gave up on man.


At this point, we must fast forward to Jesus. Jesus’ role was to bring man back to God. Jesus role was to right what was wronged by Adam. Jesus entry on to the world scene gave each of us the choice Adam had. Each person can choose obedience to God’s “New Plan”, as the Old Plan went kaput. So, to answer the question, God had to find some way to make man perfect enough to come in to God’s presence . The only One who was perfect enough to even do such a plan would be God. God sent Himself, to earth, to bring man to Him. The reason why we need Jesus in order to get to Heaven is that only perfect things can be in God’s presence in Heaven. When we choose Jesus, our spirit becomes perfect, in a supernatural exchange that man cannot totally fathom. In God’s eyes, we are perfect. That is all that matters. We cannot get to Heaven without Jesus because we would not be able to a part of that existence with our human imperfections. We would not be able to be near God. God’s world is pure. Man is not, without the spiritual exchange provided by God, Himself. If man accepts it, man can be reconciled with God and have fellowship with God, JUST as Adam did, before the Fall. If you have any questions, please leave them on the comment form. It would be my pleasure to try to answer, Friend.




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