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Why I Don’t Like Aquarius?

165869_374463989286725_1847308500_nI am going to force myself to be honest here. That is not easy. Let me say that I do like Aqua Venus and Mars. I find them to be genuine. I do not find them to be hypocritical as I find the other Aqua placements to be( in many people, not all)

I do want to say that I know many dear Aqua Sun people. I do not have any close Aqua Moon friends and don’t think I would. I will explain more when I get back.

It is hard to put into words what is a feeling. I will start with my Cancer Moon. I know things by instinct. Truth is found with the heart, in my opinion.

This sums up my problem with Aqua. They think when they should feel. Think of a man who feels passion for you. You don’t want him to THINK. You want him to FEEL. I want a man to move by feel. I want a female friend to move by feel, too.

I am Gemini Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 9th House. I am cerebral when it comes to ideas. However, when I want to be close to someone, I want to share HEARTS. This is what Aqua seems not able to do. They can’t seem to touch the heart, in a pure manner. This offends me. This is off putting to me.

When it is all said and done, we are heart to heart, as people, not mind to mind.

My hardest Aqua placement would be Aqua Moon, not that I have had experience, from what I know. I could not be close to a Moon which would think when it should feel. The Moon is the most interior planet. It is our most intimate planet. It is heart to heart and soul to soul. Aqua deals with reason. To me, intimacy does not involve reason. If it does, it is not intimacy.


29 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Aquarius?

  1. amiannnick

    Well Aquarius moon is an air sign, Air signs generally rationalize emotions however most are friendly, humanitarian and social. Maybe Aquarius moons with the moon either in the 4,8th or 12th will be more intuitive, sympathetic, nuturing or aware

  2. amiannkayla

    my moon is aquarius in 6th house, but i also am a cancer sun and mostly water signs… what do u think of an aquarius moon/cancer sun?

  3. amiannKayla

    I have the aquarius moon thing where I reason instead of feel that ur talking about. Not so sure all that water does anything to change that. Il have to think about this a little lol

  4. amiannbobo

    Well, being an Aquarius moon myself I have to say that one of the things I value most about myself it my ability to empathize with my friends and the fact that I have very strong, sometimes overwhelming or even excessive emotions.

    This, however, does not impede my ability to think at all. Something I feel many people lack. You see, I don’t expect anyone to feel my feelings, or to completely understand my point of view. That would be rather immature of me. Were I to expect my friends to always feel exactly what I think they should feel, to me would be an incredible lack of empathy. Empathy is about considering the emotions of others and being able to look past one’s own narrow view of things. Not making base generalizations which disparage the validity of the emotions OR thoughts of others.

    You would certainly never hear me saying that I could or couldn’t empathize, befriend, or connect emotionally with anyone based solely on any single astrological placement.

    Then again, I have this kind of odd notion that emotions should be balanced by rational thinking, and that actually enriches emotional experiences and connections. Guess I’m just weird.

    1. amiannferryleaf

      This is interesting, bobo. This is like “mental” empathy.

      Or maybe that’s what sympathy is.

      Either way, I understand your perspective. I am similar.

      But I just find that a lot of other astrological types (or placements) don’t think or “do” the way, for example, that you & I do. Primarily, I find this to be true so far with Aries moons, and some Cancer placements or types.

      I have also had some struggles (like, arguments, major impasses, fallings-out) with some people with Scorpio placements.

      With these Aries moons, Cancer placements and Scorp placements, it has felt like everything with them was always “personal.” And that for me to disagree, or hold my own autonomy at all (instead of having to be absorbed into them, in a way…share their exact feeling over a matter, or agree with everything they think or feel, or choose to do things their way or what made them happy, in emotional situations particularly…or situations that they *took* as personal/emotional, anyway), was considered a slap in the face; an affront; disloyal.

      And I understand you; that hurts. *nods* (Been there.) It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it hurts.

      But I think that’s what Ami is saying. They feel the same way. That what ‘our type’ does is not fair, not right, and hurtful.

      That is why some types just don’t mesh well with others.

      Still, I see what you’re saying, too: I personally wouldn’t just learn that someone had X placement, and avoid possibly deeper emotional connection with them based on…well, what seems to me as “prejudice.” After all, every person is still an individual, and I believe strongly in giving the benefit of the doubt/a fresh chance to every new person I meet. (And I know this sounds harsh, but it’s hard for me, as a person, to see picking out various astrological placements and avoiding them “just because” as any much different than crossing the street when one sees someone of a different race or skin tone that one has had previous negative perceptions of or experiences with. I see it as robbing each individual of the chance of being their own unique person. Plus, cheating one’s self. (-Missing possible chances of meeting wonderful people, and learning and growing from making their acquaintance & getting to know them better.)


      I can see both sides and can empathize 😉 with both sides. But I definitely hold an opinion in one particular direction. 😉

        1. amiannSnoopie23

          Had a similar experience with someone with many planets in air- mostly libra. At every gathering, I was being undermined/bullied by a particular friend of hers- sometimes right in front of her. I’m unsure if I even detected the slightest bit of embarrassment from my friend. As for support- I was obviously well and truly on my own, and honestly wondered whether her “neutrality” had an end. Had it been the 17th century- and her friend had labelled me a witch- would she have stuck up for me, if ? I doubt it. Apparently when a horse is lent to another rider- and they mistreat it- the horse sometimes stops “speaking” to the owner, to make it clear (sometimes by turning their backs to them & dropping manure) that it’s not ok. When I told her how let down I felt

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Interesting Snoopie and thanks for sharing. This is what I meant with Aqua and Libra. They can just kind of leave you, willy nilly, either by betrayal or just not caring enough to fight for you. Does that describe your experience?

          2. amiannSnoopie23

            Thanks Ami..! Yes, at my end, it felt like betrayal. The fact that it happened so many times has made it hard not to take it personally. That kind of detachment boggles me. I get the impression that she only has one setting with conflict and that’s, “let sleeping dogs lie..” I’ve seen a few times she doesn’t stick up for herself either, so I guess she’s not going to do it for others. I’ve noticed that she doesn’t appear to react/rejoice easily to “positives” either. Seemingly neutral. I guess we’re all a weird and wonderful mix of our own equation of nature, nurture, stars… and goodness what else.. As a child, I was close to my moon in aries aunt, and felt very protected as she would soon cut any rubbish in the bud. If a friend had been unkind to another in my house, I would feel very bad and do something about it: it’s like having four pieces of the puzzle and trying to figure the whole picture. Just got to let it go.. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. Maybe those who act detached to that extent have never felt really close to their family/experienced closeness as kids- so they can’t help but feel like that by default? Maybe planets energies are *that strong? … or both?

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            Thanks for your comment, Snoopie. I will have to study it as there is a lot there. Thanks for being a part of my website and for commenting!

  5. amiannhedda

    Like kayla I have cancer sun, mostly water signs and aquarius moon in 3rd house. I think a lot about feelings (merc cancer), feelings can feel much clearer when I write them down or “rationalize” them, but other that that i dont think im overly rational with feelings or have any lack of them whatsoever. But maybe this has to do with my other moon placements.

  6. amiannamiann Post author

    I have shared this article in 6 Astrology study groups. I got some angry comments from Aqua Moon, more so than Libra Moon. Perhaps, Libra Moon is not that outspoken. I had many Aqua Moons who thought I was talking heresy.

    I think the take away point is that certain Moons see things very, very differently. It is a very different life view. Hence, a Cancer Moon may never really understand an Aqua Moon, when it comes right down to it.

    This is a valuable take away lesson for all of one’s relationships. What do you think?

    1. amiannSnoopie23

      I’ve seen it again and again… the moon thing- you can’t deny it 😉

      I’m leo moon- moons I really gel with (can live in home-heaven with):

      Saggitarius, Cancer, (fire &water? but often really gels?!) I love some Aquarius moons so much but feel shredded to pieces sometimes :'(

  7. amiannLon Spector

    I have Mars in Aquarius in the 7th house (of open enemies) opposing my 1st
    house Pluto.
    Give me an M
    Give me an I
    Give me an S
    Give me an E
    Give me an R
    Give me an Y
    What does it spell? MISERY! MISERY! MISERY!

  8. amiannLon Spector

    I read in “Know Your Planets,” by___?___ That Mars in the 7th ALWAYS feels
    victimized by others. Also, I read that people with this placement have to walk on
    eggshells to avoid setting people off.
    Oh well, there was another person who walked the earth 2,000 years ago who also set
    people off.

  9. amiannLon Spector

    The 7th house is the house of “open” enemies. Where people are not shy to tell you
    how they REALLY feel. If you annoy them, they’ll let you know it. Their apprasials can
    be very harsh. I’ve always been treated very harsh. Also, Mars in Aquarius tends to blurt
    things out that people take offense too. Mars is where agression is. You fight
    “intelectually” with Mars in Aquarius.
    The 7th house is a Libra/Venus house having to do with marriage, associates, and “friends.”
    Having Mars there brings out the worst reaction from others-if you’re not careful.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Lon. Did you see my offer to do your chart for you? I just learned how to use Photo bucket. I would be happy to do this, if you would like. I do charts in a way that people and I discuss them on my Personal readings forum. It is my gift to you for being such a wonderful member, if you would like. If you want me to do it, give me your info.

    2. amiannSnoopie23

      oh my gosh… I have Pluto in the seventh- in Libra…

      should I watch out for scorpions- or am I a scorpion in the seventh? Any thoughts?
      Also opposite Venus in Aries… eek.. thank goodness for humour to pull us through the day… Deep meaningful scorpio friends or brewing back stabbers- I can spot due to open 7th house? I’ve never really understood this.. just bouncing ideas..

  10. amiannpeach33

    This is a interesting post. I can empathize with both sides since me ego (sun) placement is gemini and psyche (moon) placment is Sagittarius with a few personal planets and asteroids in cancer. Sun and mercury placed in 11th house naturally ruled by aquarius. I believe we all vacillate between certain medians internally and what we often deny within our selves we meet in others… the psychological aspect of classic projection. This is clearly demonstrated with heavy placements of the asc/dsc axis. Either way there are times when I feel deeply even get lost in the trenches, then there are other times when I can hone great clarity and in a way compartmentalize feelings “to get on with it” and proceed with must be done in life or loose the risk of wallowing and not being able to let go. Leting go of such matters as pride, ego, possession that equates to attachment that hinders my ability to respond to life as suppose to react and to make decisions with emotional intelligence.

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