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Why I Have These NDE Articles?

The NDEs have given me the most peace of anything I have ever found. Perhaps the root of all fears is the fear of death. Once people have an NDE, they are very peaceful. I am a Born Again Christian but have a lot of anxiety and fear. I know that I should not. I should be peaceful. I grew up in a very fearful family and have always, been fearful, even though I used to be more confident. For me, there is nothing that gives me the sense that there is meaning to life like the NDEs. I hope they offer you something special. Please, write and tell me what you think. Does one of the NDEs speak to you? Which one? I would be thrilled if you shared with me. My all time favorite, that I have watched for years, is Mary Jo Pennington and her 4 year old grand daughter.

4 thoughts on “Why I Have These NDE Articles?

  1. amiannJane

    I have Sun Square Pluto which makes up for my not so cool temperament but I don’t mean harm. I love reading NDE articles. It makes me appreciate my life more and reminds me to change my not so nice behavior, although I still fall sometimes. Makes me not fearful of God and definitely speaks to my soul and not feel enclosed in a box from the teachings of certain religions. Born Catholic but more into new age. I love Christian Andreason NDE and some other NDE’s I found on this certain website. they’re full of so many wonderful and informative things.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Everyone is psychic. You just have to develp it, but some people have an easier time of it. Neptune is one of the key planets for psychic ability, but it is like musical ability. Most everyone has it, but it has to be developed.

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