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Why Obama Will Never Make Peace with the Muslim World

I can assure 100% that Obama will never make peace with the Muslim world. When I heard about the Arab Spring, I knew it would descend into a fiery inferno. Why? Because the Muslim world and it’s activities are written about in the Bible. The Bible follows human history from the beginnings of the earth to the last days of the earth .The Bible talks about countries and groups of people, which are clearly identified, as to ethnic group and actual country. The Bible is the only book anywhere, throughout all time, that can predict the future with pinpoint accuracy. You may think I am a seer and an oracle to see these things. I am not. I am a simple student of the Bible and it’s wisdom and prophecy is open to all.

Let me answer my question by going back to the creation of the Arab people as told from the Book of Genesis. God told Sara to wait to have a child with her husband, Abraham. Sara did not follow God and took matters into her own hands. She told her husband to sleep with her maid, Haagar. They had a son name Ishmael. This was not part of God’s plan but God loves all his children so gave Ishmael and his descendents, the Arabs, a great deal of oil rich land. However, God’s plan of redemption and salvation was to come from Abraham and Sarah’s child, Isaac and his descendent, the Jews. The Jews were to bring the Old testament to the world through Moses, a Jew. The Jews were meant to bring the Messiah to the world through Jesus. God’s plan for the world, for man and for the reconciliation of God to man does not need to be approved of by man, any man. Part of the problem in current society is that man does not put God in a proper place of superiority, but wants to BE God. God can do what He wants. Man can argue. Man can protest but God is God. The Bible is the Word of God for the Born Again Christian because it has proven itself to be divine, from prophecy.

Ishmael was given riches by God but the Book of Genesis says that he will be a wild donkey, with every hand against his brother. The reason for this is so the Arabs can never get together and destroy the Jews, as well as the many other groups of people with whom they are at war. This includes all free societies which are not under Sharia law, even moderate Muslim countries such as Turkey. Muslim terrorists may be at war the Jews, first, and the Christians, second, but they are at war with each other, third. The only thing that keeps them from destroying each other is focusing war on outside forces such as the above groups. If all these outside forces could be destroyed, they would be at an equally vehement war among themselves.

The second reason is that the Muslim Extremists think they should rule ANY land on which a Muslim ever set his foot. That is why you see terrorism in places such as Spain. The Muslim Extremists want Sharia Law as the rule of all countries. I don’t think any woman( or man who loves that woman) reading this wants to wear a garment that covers her whole body with a small slit for the eyes, have genital mutilation and have fewer rights than a literal dog in the USA.. Lets be real here. So, this brings me to my next reason. The radical Muslims want Sharia Law everywhere a Muslim has set foot. These Muslims will destroy the Moderate Muslims as fast as the Jews and Christians. They do not want to come into this country to assimilate. They come into this country to change it into a country with Sharia Law.

If Obama does not know this about the Muslim mind, he is a bigger fool than appears to be the case. However, one cannot know these things without the Bible, as one will be mired with short sight.Also, The Bible was inspired by God and God knows the beginning to the end.

We shall continue. For Obama to make peace with the Muslims, he would have to destroy Israel and then the Christians. After that, the Moderate Muslims would have to come under Sharai Law which many do not want, of course. What woman would? What man would really? This brings me to my next point which is about indoctrination. The Western mind does not understand the Muslim terrorists indoctrination of their children. The children are nursed on hate and violence. The highest honor for a radical Muslim terrorist is for his child to become a suicide bomber and die in trying to hurt Israel, the USA or another free society. The children are encouraged to use violence against the infidel who is the Jew, Christian AND moderate Muslim. Hence, there can be no peace with the Muslim world without everyone, everywhere coming under Sharia law.

Have people in the West thought this out? It was disgusting how the liberal news media and liberal Americans were hoping the Boston Marathon bomber would be home grown. WHY? People think they can appease the Muslims. They can’t. That is the point of this article. They cannot be appeased. They will not be appeased. You will lose your freedom trying. You will lose your country trying. You may lose your life trying but still, you will never do it.


7 thoughts on “Why Obama Will Never Make Peace with the Muslim World

  1. amianninplainsight

    Perhaps because Obama IS a moslem…practising taqiyya (deception in order to further islam’s ideals). He is aiding them and their gruesome agenda. There is plenty of information on the web. Check it out.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are a breath of fresh air in a fetid pool. The people I have to put up with all day who are so stupid. Bless you, Brother. Come and join my Forum and we can talk more. You can put up your chart, too, if you want! xx

  2. amiannabhishek

    Wow grt knowledge, as far as these shariya and jehad things are concerned, and women veiling themselves with no rights of freedom of sppech expression, no enjoyments etc etc i hate them like hell, but i was impressed with ur ‘moderate muslim’ phrase, u know ami, what i think is dat most muslims in the world are moderate, i mean very well educated and rich countries like saudi arabia, turkey, uae, etc mostly have them even india i tell u, apart from few major internal civil wars b/w hindus and muslims back in british imperialism time and few other incidents, here muslims bielieve in peace ful coexistance, atleast the educated ones, and talking about the cheap, undevloped countries like pakistan, bangladesh, afghanistan etc, most terrorists come from here, so i think if obama tries and makes a stable relationship with moderate muslim countries, its no bad, what these poor countries need is strength and support to overcome poverty, illitracy, malnutrition, unemployment etc, they will definately change i bielieve, but thats hard coz all the billions of dollars that generous countries like usa donate into these nobel cause ends up buying arms and ammunitions for terrorist and training kids for wars etc, dats pure corruption, hard to fight when theres dirty internal support from a superpower like china( you know its a fact dat china supports terrorists from pakistan for their dirty projects against india alone). Not just spain and usa, india remains one of the most troubled countries bcoz of terror activities from pak, afghanistan and bangladesh(former west pakistan)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, dear one. The Moderates often hate the Jews and Israel( and the Christians) but would not commit violence. I do know Moderate Muslims who don’t even really hate anyone, so I have to say that, to be fair. I have some I would call friends. I have one sweet guy who has stayed my FB friend with all of my rants. Either, he has not been on or he is very special. However, the Muslim extremists are filled with a virulent hate which will only be stopped by STRENGTH. Israel knows this, but few others do. It is a demon possession, at it’s core. There is no other way to say it but straight out.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    It’s very important to understand that God can get the ball rolling on prophacy anytime
    He wishes. True there has been no peace for 1,000’s of years, and leaving human beings
    to thier own devices there would be no peace for another 1000 years. But God has a time
    table and an agenda. He does have the power to prod people to do His Will if He wants.
    God knows the date and time that Jesus is to return. Jesus Himself didn’t know when He
    was in the flesh. My own personal opinion tells me that the return of Christ is still quite
    a ways off.
    But one thing I can predict is that they’ll be be much turmoil in the middle east.
    New nations are about to come into existence, and you can’t make an omlet without
    breaking a few eggs.
    And you heard it here first: Iran is going to change and become a boon to the region!
    They are going to be transformed from a bad guy into a good guy!
    Iran is the present name of ancient Persia. The Persians were friends of Israel in the past
    and will be friends again in the not too distant future.

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