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Why There Will Never Be Utopia?

Do you know that many dictators throughout history such as Hitler, Lenin and Castro started with the dream of Utopia. Inside each man’s heart is the dream of Utopia. That is why it feels so possible. That is how a dictator can ride the coat tails of this dream to ultimate power, upon which the dream dies the death of most childhood dreams. Yet, people who refuse to learn from history ( and idealistic young people) try again and again to make it work–ONE last time, if we are only good enough and pure enough. When I was a child, I was an avid reader. I would read one book a day. I read Animal Farm and 1984 by Orwell when I was 13. I never forgot their message which is the one I have stated above. the message is that Utopia cannot exist.

When I was in college studying Psychology, I remembered one movie the same way I remembered these books–The Milgrim Experiements. Stanley Milgrim wanted to know how “Good Germans” could get to the point to kill their fellow citizens. What was the root of what we see as societal insanity. Milgrim came to a startling conclusion and an unexpected one. However, is it really unexpected? Milgrims conclusion are that men are sheep. They will follow authority. Orwell tells is that when the pigs got into positions of authority, the rules changed from all pigs are equal to some pigs are more equal than others. This last prescient line is the mechanism that takes a dictator from a freedom fighter to an absolute and ruthless potentate. In this one line from a simple allegory about pigs, horses and farmers lies the answer to the human’s dreams of Utopia.

A lovely LL member, Kerosene , asked me why can’t there be a Utopia. He is young and this is the question of youth. The terrible thing is when older people spout platitudes about the Aquarian Age as if they are seers or more enlightened souls than the common man, when they are actually the horses in Animal Farm. Perhaps, they are not the horses in Animal Farm, as the horses were good souls. These self righteous people are actually the soil in which dictatorship rises because they won’t face my next subject, which is the reality of human nature.

I am a student of the Bible for anyone who does not know. I am a student of Bible Prophecy. Human nature is clearly explained in the Bible. Human nature is as Orwell saw it.Human nature is as Milgrim saw it. Human nature is really as the Bible saw it, which is that men are likened to sheep. Human nature, unchecked, will lead to 1984. Human nature, if left to it’s own devices, will follow the simple course set forth in Animal Farm. The reason that Utopia cannot exist is because it has humans in it.

6 thoughts on “Why There Will Never Be Utopia?

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Utopia is impossible because human nature cannot be changed through mere
    “good intentions.”
    Regular human nature is greedy and acquisitive. Human beings always want MORE,
    because they believe MORE will make them powerful and protected. People will do
    anything to survive-even kill.
    Human nature must be transformed. It can’t be done through sheer force of will (works)
    because the person doing the “works” is on the same human level that created the
    problem to begin with!
    Transendence is the only hope. “YOU” can’t DO anything. In fact, it is “YOU” that is the
    What is this “You” that causes the world’s problems? It is the accquired itdenity. All the
    societal “programming” that you were given from the time you were a child by parents and
    culture. You take these labels to be realities and you fight to preserve them because you
    think your “life” depends on them. IT DOES NOT! Only your phoney life depends on them.
    You don’t have to “do” anything. In fact, there’s nothing you CAN do.
    With God, you just ALLOW. ALLOW yourself to be a vessel for God’s Holy Spirit. Yeld
    yourself up to God.
    I would say that you should accept Jesus Christ, but even that is impossible to do unless
    it is your appointed time. “Every knee shall bow, and every tounge shall confess that Jesus
    Christ is the Son of God to the glory of God the Father.” Yes it WILL happen one day for
    EVERYONE! Until that time comes the rule is: “No man can come to Christ unless the
    Father calls him.”
    Our daily “work” is not a religious one but a spiritual one: “Do onto others as you would
    have them do unto you.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hello dear Lon
      I saw your comments but need time to study them all, so please forgive the time lag. Please, try to go on my Forum and put up your Casey Anthony info, as that will be very interesting for everyone. I just e mailed you, Lon! xx

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