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Will He Cheat? Gurl, Check His Moon

Look to the Moon, Gurls. Your man’s moon is his deepest self. He may shine like the sun in his job. He may have good game in the outside world(ASC), but look to the Moon, when you REALLY want to know him.

Aries Moon–He is a fighter for what is right. He will defend those in need. He has integrity and courage. I would trust him to be loyal

Taurus–I put this man as very trustworthy. He is warm, kind, generous and loyal. He is also stable, which counts for a lot, especially if you have ever been with a wild eyed Scorpio

Gemini–He is restless. He likes to move from thing to thing i.e person to person. Watch him or tie him up with the dog outside.

Cancer–He is home loving, tender and loyal. He will defend his home and his nest, to the death. You can count on him. The moon is at home in Cancer, so it is one of the most trusted moons, regardless of Sun sign.

Leo–He is a loving, warm and generous person. He has a childlike attitude toward life, which is refreshing. He can be loyal, as his Moon is fixed.

Virgo–This moon can be a cold fish. The Virgo Moon seems to be missing a piece. Of what, you ask? Of humanity. Virgo Moon seems to lurk in the corner and pop out to knife you when no one is looking. Look at his other placements, if you are with a Virgo Moon guy. Will he cheat? I don’t know, in his case

Libra–This moon can be a cold moon, too. It is called the Courtesan’s Moon, as she can put her feelings aside in her line of work. I would put this moon low on the loyalty scale, as he could hurt your feelings, as he is not in touch with his own.

Scorpio Moon–He could cheat, but you better not, unless you want to end up at the bottom of the river with cement shoes.

Sagittarius Moon–He is very restless, at his core. He can’t sit still, let alone stay with one woman, for any length of time. ANYTHING Saggi gets a big fat zero for loyalty.

Capricorn Moon

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