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Would an Unaspected Moon Be Able to Blast Someone?

This is a good question as one tries to plumb the depth of Unaspected Planets. Oneself, one’s friends, one’s study groups and especially the doing of charts is the laboratory.With that being said, I want to talk about the Unaspected Moon. I know two natives, to whom I will show this article. Perhaps, they will comment. They know better than anyone.However, per the nature of an Unaspected Planet, it may be buried to the person. Back to my question. Would an Unaspected Moon be able to blast someone? I ask this as I ponder the nature of an Unaspected Moon and, more particularly, the validity of the concept of a Semi-Unaspected Moon. I ponder this from trying to get behind the eyes of an Unaspected Planet. For me, I understand Astrology and each placement, purely, by getting behind it’s eyes. Until I do, it is, simply, head knowledge . Head knowledge is needed. However, it does not allow one to be fluid with a subject. Fluidity makes creativity, in my experience. At any rate, I have been pondering if an Unaspected Moon could blast someone. I would have to go back a few steps and explain an Unaspected Planet and the concept of Anger, astrologically.

An Unaspected Planet has no parents. Aspects are parents. Aspects link planets to each other. Hence, an Unaspected Planet is flying solo, in what the planet represents. I will list what each planet represents with a keyword or two.

Sun—-Identity, Sense of Self, Ego Strength

Moon–Emotional Nature ,Deepest Feelings, Deepest Heart

Venus–What one Finds Beautiful, How one Loves

Mars–Any Drives, Passions, Aggression, Assertion

Saturn–Restriction, Patience, Slow Working to a Long term Goal

Jupiter–Optimism, Expansion, Joy, Good Vibrations, Luck

Neptune–Makes Reality Hard to See, Lives in the Next Dimension of Creativity and Mysticism

Uranus–Rebellion,Being Out of the Box

The Moon is one’s feelings, if one wants to put it in one sentence. It is one’s inner child. Picture a child. His emotions become him. He does not smile with his lips and constrict his body with rage, at the same time. Picture a dog. A dog does not wag his tail and growl, at the same time. He is one, organic whole. Such is the case with the moon.It is our feelings. Hence, what relationship does an Unaspected Moon have to his feeling? He has no aspects. He has no linkages with other planets. What is the nature of his emotions? How does he feel his emotions? Consequently, how does he communicate his feelings? With that as a kind of background to my question, I come to my question. I postulate that an Unaspected Moon would not be able to blast someone. However,it would not be that simple, as an Unaspected Planet is buried,by the nature of it. Hence, it can both under do and over do, in the nature of it. The Unaspected Moon person may be overemotional or unemotional. His task is to be a genius in the realm of feelings.Quite a formidable task. However, it is his.This leads me back to my question and I will attempt to answer it, before I fast forward this to my Unaspected Moon friends. I think an Unaspected Moon would either blast someone off the face of the earth or be frozen. As to a Semi-Unaspected Moon, I wonder about the validity of Semi-Unaspected Planets.One aspect( other than a minor one) would provide a linkage. A linkage is not feral, by it’s nature.I left out an important part of the issue: anger. Mars is anger, astrologically. Mars is any drive from sexual passion to rage. My original question was brought up by a person who has a Semi Unaspected Moon and blasted someone. That person was myself, as this article may make no sense without that piece of info. I have a Moon/Mars conjunction at 9 degrees and a Moon/Saturn trine at 8 degrees.




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