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Would We Find God Without Pain?

I put this out there for people. I think of the charts and the charts show everything about the person. I believe they are God’s gift to us of a map of ourselves. Many Christians think Astrology is witchcraft but I think it is a science, although the hard sciences do not accept it as such. This is due to tradition, not anything lacking in Astrology. At any rate, I ask the question above.

I think of my life and my chart. My chart is easy. I don’t think my life was but it was, in a sense. I had one hard thing in my life and that was my mother. I was not bullied. I was not shunned by people. I did not have a deformity or something of that nature that caused me pain. I had a mother who hurt me to my core. Other than that, my life was easy. My chart shows a Chiron in the 4th. My mother’s Sun combust Mercury is an exact conjunction with this.

I found God due to pain for which I could not find an answer. It was pain that would not go away. It was pain that was beyond my ability to cope. I reached out to God because I had no place to go.

Is this the case for everyone who finds God? That is my question. To me, God is Jesus. People have gods of their own making but that is not God, to me. That is god in their image. That god does not count, to me. I know this sounds harsh and will get me shunned by people but I have to be honest.


3 thoughts on “Would We Find God Without Pain?

  1. amiannferryleaf

    I like this post. 🙂

    I’ve often, VERY often, wondered about this question myself.

    And I’m not sure we would. (Find God without deep pain.) At least, the people
    I’ve known that have seemed to have the deeper and more intimate relationship to and connection with God, have had some.

    I do not think that pain is always bad for us, spiritually. Much like C.S. Lewis
    likened some pain to a surgeon’s knife…what hurts us is not always bad for us. Sometimes it is healing; saving. Even a mercy; a loving act for our health.

  2. amiannferryleaf

    (And, what I said above is very difficult to understand unless you keep in mind
    that there IS evil & sin in this world, because God wants our free will and will not strip it away…and, “God works all things together for good, for those who love Him.”)

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