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YIKES Check Your Fixed Stars

If you have a Fixed Star on a personal planet( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) you have the finger of destiny pointing towards you. The Fixed Stars are unique, in that they can be good, bad or a choice between the two. The choice is the scary part.


Aldebaran is one of the Fixed stars that could go either way. The Fixed Stars are fixed in place. Aldebaran is at 9 Gemini.

I have it conjunct Venus. Aldebaran offers a choice, in that you could achieve great honors or you could go down into debasement. However, it would be by your own hand! That seems to be the case with the Fixed Stars which do offer choice.

Check out your own. In the meantime, I will research more and write about them, as I do. My best teachers are your experiences, so Google Fixed Stars and see what you have. Do you feel an affinity with any of them?

19 thoughts on “YIKES Check Your Fixed Stars

  1. amianncadii


    I’m one of the many beginners you gave a free Sun reading to months ago in Linda Goodman’s forum and ever since then I’ve been diligently studying my chart. I look forward to your research about Aldebaran as I have it conjunct my Gem Sun. When I researched on Archangel Michael, the words INTEGRITY stood out to me because it has always been one of my personal values. It was also surprising to learn that he has an affinity with cats and lions because I personally love felines!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Cadii
      I remember you name and Welcome :D. Would you like to do some research on Aldebaran and see what you come up with? Yes, I have it conjunct Venus, as I said. I have Betelgeuse conj my Gemini Sun. My take on Aldebaran, as I watch my LIFE is that I have many forks in the road, in which I could choose good or evil. I seem to have been given great gifts, but, also, confronted with slippery slopes in which I could lose them and come to bad endings, if I do not follow the straight and narrow. This is classic Aldebaran. To make it practical. I feel that I must follow the Bible very closely or I could be pulled down. With Venus, it would be through love. With the Sun, it would be through ego. I can feel Aldebaran, at work, if I get quiet and focus. I really do feel it’s great opportunities, and with it, it’s great potential for a bad fall. If you want to do some research and come put it up, see the famous people who have it. That is quite amazing. I can’t remember who they are, but I was not surprised by many of them, as many met a bad ending with public disgrace.
      Please register for my Forum. It is free and come and talk xoxo

      1. amianncadii

        Wow you remember! I’ve learned so much since I made that request, like I had a spiritual growth spurt of sorts 😀 As for the material I’ve read online, integrity is definitely of utmost importance lest I die by my own hand. Thank you for sharing! I can relate with what you said, about choices and being given gifts. I have Procyon conjunct Venus and Ras Alhague conjunct ASC too. I didn’t know you had a forum, I just tumbled on this website of yours researching Aldebaran 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          LOL about tumbling onto me. My Forum is new( 2 weeks or so). Let me ask you this, would your downfall be ego, as Aldebaran conjuncts your Sun? I don’t know anything about Procyon. Please, tell me about it!

          1. amianncadii

            Oh yes it definitely well could be! I remember well how it caused me trouble back in high school. On a present context, I have 6H Sun and am very Mercurial with my passion for writing, it’s what I’m naturally good at but for years now, I’ve always reminded myself to never abuse my gift and to help people who struggle with written communication. I think of my work and words as an extension of myself so yes, integrity, and be humble about the gift. I read that Procyon confers good fortune and creativity but I have a different take on it with my chart. I have it conjunct 8H Venus/Chiron and since it is a sign of a dog, a loyal follower of an animal comes to mind and it only emphasizes how blind I can be when it comes to relationships because I have 2H Moon opposite Venus so I run the risk of co-dependency lol

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      OK Yes, some of them are all good i.e blessings. I think Regulus is one of those. Do you want to help me do some research? We can discuss it on my Forum. The best way to learn anything is to talk with people who have it. I have Belelgeuse conj my Sun. This could go either way, too *sigh* lol

      1. amianncadii

        I’ll see what I can find. There’s actually not much material online. Sometimes I just read the same things over and over and just wait for the realizations to hit me. Blessings to you! 😀

  2. amiannmarii

    I’ve got Sirius conj mars, square sun.. Antares conj asc. Arcturus conj mercury.i dont know what it means though. do other aspects count besides conjunctions?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What is Sirius? Yes, other aspects count but conjunctions are most powerful. Come and Join my Forum. It is free and you can talk about these things. Hope to see you there!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Opps, just noticed this was under Fixed Stars lol
      I am not familiar with Sirius. You could come on my Forum and start a thread on it. Research it and I will try to help you see how it fits in the chart!

  3. amiannTiffany

    CASTOR – [20 degrees of Cancer]
    Possible violence, along with sudden fame, followed by prison or disgrace. Castor brings weakness of the eyes, and injuries to the face. The disposition is usually well mannered, with strong principles.

    Not sure what these would mean in the 8th?

    POLLUX – [23 degrees of Cancer]
    Pollux gives athletic ability, and is favorable for martial artists, boxers, fighters and warriors. This star is bad for the eyesight, and can bring injuries to the eyes and face. There can be connections with poisons. Honors are often followed by disgrace, and possible imprisonment. There can be a cruel, subtle, and scheming nature

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Do you want to see if people like Casey Anthony have Castor cnj something or other serial killer kinds of people or someone like Amanda Knox, Jody Arias, Scott Peterson etc.

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