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“You Shall Lose Your Life For My Sake In Order To Gain it”

The Bible is alive. How could that be? That is one of the promises.The Bible is Living Waters. How so? I don’t know.There is a world of the Spirit. We cannot understand all the whys. When we are consigned to this physical dimension, we cannot understand matters which are above us conceptually. At any rate, the Bible comes with a multitude of promises.It is a book of promises.How do we accept the promises? How do we access them? We all want them? We are need them. We all crave them actually. Life does not work. We like to act as if it does : all tough. We don’t want anyone to see us sweat but nothing makes sense. Where do we go from here? The Bible says “You must lose your life for My sake in order to gain it.” What does that mean in real terms? I think it means total surrender. ‘Total surrender” you ask? I think that is happiness: free falling. I think happiness is falling through the sky and your only parachute is God. The rest goes by in a dizzying spin: people. money, prestige, beauty.It becomes a blur as you fall, down and down and down until you give up. I think that is happiness. I think happiness is the free fall.It is having nothing but God. “How strange” you say. Yes, how strange. How strange but how wonderful as well.

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