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Your Ascendant——What Do People See When They Meet You At a Party?

Your Ascendant is one of the 4 angles in the chart. Each angle tells important information about a person. If another person’s planets touch your ASC, that person feels very familiar to you. Each ASC looks unique in physical appearance . Each ASC has a different set of mannerisms. More importantly, each ASC has a certain world view. You see life from the lens of your ASC. People see you as your ASC.

ASC in Aries— You may have red hair. You may get fevers, easily. You may be accident prone. You are bold and outspoken. You will fight for your point of view.

ASC in Taurus–You may look like a bull. You may move slowly . You may be stubborn about your opinions. You like comfy surroundings. You love food.

ASC in Gemini–You may look pixie like. You may love to talk on the phone. You may be a social person. You may be a high strung person with a lot of energy which propels you to go, go, go.

ASC in Cancer–You may have a round face with a high forehead. You may show a tender side to the world. You may get hurt easily and withdraw in to your shell when this happens.Friends need to be kind and comforting for you to come out.

ASC in Leo–You may look like a lion. Think of Jackie O or Farrah Fawcett. This ASC can be rather self centered. It may take up the space in a room. It has to be aware of the give and take between people.

ASC in Virgo-This ASC has a clean look. I know this is hard to describe but the person looks as if they have themselves in good repair , down to the smallest details. They have a clean kind of beauty which is hard to describe. It is not a voluptuous beauty but a harmonious one. This ASC may be germ phobic, or germ conscious, at least. They may have a medicine chest filled with all sorts of potions for ailments. They may be critical of themselves and others

ASC in Libra—This ASC is considered the natural beauty of the Zodiac. That is debatable, but this ASC will be the most classically beautiful. Think of Lee Remick or Richard Chamberlin. They have sunny good looks. This ASC likes harmony and order in their surroundings. They will try to avoid fights and confrontations. This may result in their being walked on.

ASC in Scorpio–This ASC has a dark beauty, unlike Libras sunny beauty. This ASC seems as if they are holding secrets and they are. They do not like to show their hands. They are wonderful psychologists. They are a wonderful friend or a dreaded enemy. This ASC is said to be the one which will get revenge, if wronged, more than any other ASC.


ASC in Sag–This ASC may look like a horse. I mean this is the best possible way. Beyonce seems like a classic Sag ASC. This ASC is a natural in sports with a graceful manner. This ASC may not want to settle down, as there is always a new adventure around the corner. This ASC may be a player

ASC in Cap— Capricorn ASC may seem to be old beyond his years. He may seem like a wise old man, even when he is a child. Cap ASC may look older than his years. He may look as if he has never been able to be playful , but had to take on the mantle of a serious person, at a young age. It may be hard for him to let loose and play, although he may want to more than anyone.


ASC in Aqua—This ASC may look like a hippy. If not, he will have his own style and will not listen to anyone who tells him to change. In fact, he will dig his heels in deeper. His identity is in being a rebel. He, also, values goodness, kindness and caring for others, particularly on a global scale


ASC in Pisces–This ASC looks sensitive as the ocean depths. This ASC is very intuitive. He is,also, sensitive to too much environmental stimuli, such as noise. He is a gentle soul who may be on the quiet, retiring side, in his external mannerisms.



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