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Your Ascendent—What the Heck Is it Doing To Ya?

I am honored to have my own Forum, where anything goes, as far as any question, any problem, any query, except rudeness and being mean. I am exploring many different facets of my own chart, as well as the charts of Forum members.Come and join, if you are not, already, a member. Everyone needs someone else to do his chart. As accomplished of an Astrologer as you are, you will miss basic things in your own chart. These basic things can be huge keys to you, for healing major blocks in your life. Such was the case for me, when BB did my chart. He pointed out planets hitting my Ascendent. I will discuss them, as you may have the same thing.

To review: Each Angle is an interface of you with the world. With the ASC, you interface with your daily world. When you walk out your door, get in your car, go to the corner store for coffee, go to your job, say hello to the secretary, and start your work day, you do it using your ASC. Your ASC is your face as you make your daily walk through life. If one meets you at a party, one sees your ASC. If one meets you at a sporting event or a store, one sees your ASC. You dress according to your ASC. You may be flashy( Leo Asc). You may be sultry( Scorpio ASC). You may dress like nobody else. Darn it( Aqua ASC). You may dress with good taste and refinement( Libra ASC) You may dress as to appear successful( Cappy Asc). You may dress in a sporty way( Saggi ASC).

I will explain a little more about how the ASC manifests in one’s daily life.The ASC is one’s mask, in a sense. However, the mask is stuck on. The person is not being a fake, when they have the mask. The mask is more of a lens, through which one sees the world and the world sees them. The ASC can be a hard concept to grasp, as it is not really “you”. The “you of you” is your Sun and Moon. The ASC is more how you act in public. It is the ways in which you learn to fit into the world. We , each, need to accomodate to the world. How we do it is the sign on the ASC. The Libra ASC is gracious. The Scorpio ASC pulls back, gathers info and uses his intuition, before he acts.The Cappy ASC works hard to achieve any goal he desires. He is a traditional person. He believes in old fashioned values. He would not sleep his way to the top, as the Saggi or Gemini might. He would not get to the top by being flashy as Leo might. He would not get to the top by manipulation, as Scorpio might. The Pisces ASC may let you think you won, as he appears as gentle as a lamb. He looks, if the very oceans are in his dreamy eyes.If he is REALLY as dreamy as he looks depends on his Sun, Moon, Mars and other planets.

We could look at the ASC, in terms of a business transaction. Libra would try to compromise and harmonize. Libra is, always, looking for win/win situations. I am a Libra ASC and this is how I operate. I do not want to win by taking someone else down. I want both of us to win. I just did a business transaction where I made a point of telling the other person this is how I operate. The transaction went smoothly. . The Libra ASC is a natural diplomat. The Scorpio ASC may manipulate, when he does not need to. Manipulation and hidden motives run deep in his blood. He thinks in terms of the darker parts of human nature and acts accordingly. The Leo ASC may try to win taking the short cut by appearing glamorous enough that you give him the deal, based on his personal pizazz. The problem with the Leo ASC is he does not see himself as he is, in many cases. Other people find him obnoxious, not cute. This is the hardest ASC to have, in my personal opinion. They have the least self reflection of all the ASCs. When I see an obnoxious person, I think Leo ASC. The reason this may be the case is that the sign of Leo rules the House of the Child. Leo ASCs seem to act childish, as well as childlike. There is a big difference in the two. The former is what would make the problems for a Leo ASC.

The physical appearance is determined by the ASC, too. It is amazing to the beginner that an experienced Astrologer can pick out ASCs by looking at pictures. One cannot have 100% accuracy, but one can tell a lot and that is pretty amazing. The charts reveal God, to me. That is one reason I am so fascinated by them. God made each person just as He wanted them. We don’t know why people suffer, but God has a plan for every, single person. The chart is the single best way to find your plan. I digressed from the physical appearance based on the ASC. Here are a few tidbits. The Leo ASC looks like a lion. Think of Farrah Fawcett. The Saggi ASC looks like a horse. Think of Beyonce. The Aries ASC may have red hair and a bright, active look. The Gemini ASC looks like an intelligent imp, up to mischief. The Libra ASC is thought to be the most classically beautiful. The Virgo ASC looks “clean” How can I get this across? They look like dirt never touches them and that they are very hygienic. The Cappy ASC looks bony. He looks serious, as if he carries a weight of responsibility on his shoulders. Cappy ASC are the children who look like little old men. Tom Petty is my favorite Cappy ASC. They may have a beaked nose, as well. Pisces ASCs look dreamy and otherworldly. They look like they could spout off poetry, at any minute( and they could) Cancer ASCs have high foreheads and look sensitive. This is my favorite ASC in a man. They have a tenderness about them, which may or not be the real story, based on other planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto. However, they look sweet as homemade apple pie( and they love food and cooking, )

I think I have done a brief review, enough for us to jump into our topic, which is how planets effect the ASC. We will review the nature of individual aspects, before we go on. A square and an opposition can be seen by red lines. These are stress aspects. In other words, they thwart you. With the opposition, you yin/yang between opposite poles. This could be someone who is too generous and tries to buy friends. Then, he pulls back and gets stingy. I use this example to show two opposite poles. The square is a locked in energy. I do not think a person can overcome a square. I think the person is stuck with it. I will being tomatoes down on my head for saying that, but I believe it. The square may force you to try to change yourself from the pain of it, but I think you will not make much movement, as it is like a fixed “tug of war”. When I do charts, I advise the person to focus on his strengths and ACCEPT his weaknesses. I find this is the best way to self acceptance and peace. I am unusual in this POV. Most astrologers think anything in the chart can be changed. I don’t. The easy aspects are shown in blue. They are the sextile and trine. The trine is a pure gift. God gave you natural talents, at which you excel with no effort. You take these gifts for granted, as they are so easy for you. The sextile is a trine that is buried a bit. You have a natural gift, but you must work for it. The conjunction can be an aspect of ease or difficulty, depending on which two planets are involved.

Before we move on to the topic, I want to do one more review. I can’t help myself. I love to teach Astrology. I must talk a little about the nature of each planet. The Sun is our basic identity. Your employees would see your Sun, if you were the boss. Your Sun is your ego, in the good sense of the word. It is what you identity as “you” in the outer world. When you are in a position of power, people see your Sun. You have let someone get a little closer than your ASC, but not so close that they see your Moon. The Sun is more an internal you, than the ASC. Your most interior “you” is your Moon. This is shown to your intimates, only. This is the naked you, the most vulnerable you, the one you show to God, a lover, a child and a pet. I hope I have made these two planets and the ASC clear. Please, let me know if I did. We will go on explaining planets, briefly. Mars is your drive. Venus is what you love, what you find beautiful. One person would love opera and another would love rap. This kind of love is Venus. One person would love to dress like a Goth. Another would love to dress like a preppie or a glam queen. These would be a Scorpio, Libra or Leo Venus, respectively. Pluto is your primal passions. Neptune is your imagination( and your deceptions). Mercury is your mind and how you communicate. I think I covered all the planets.


I think we are done with all reviews and can move on. BB, a member of my Forum, looked at my chart. One, always, gets information when a new person looks at one’ s chart. I share what he told me , with you, so you can apply it to your chart. I have 3 planets aspecting my ASC. Moon and Mars square my ASC. Vanues trines it. This is very interesting if we put ALL of what we have learned in this article. together. Moon is one’s heart. The ASC is one’s face in one’s daily life. I feel it is hard to show my emotions in my daily life. However, the Moon is conjunct my MC. The MC is on’e face to the world. I am very open about my emotions, in my career. When I do charts or readings, I am very authentic with all of my emotions. However, with people in my daily life, I pull back and doubt myself. The chart shows all, and this is, always the case. It never fails.

On to Mars square the ASC. I have a hard time being assertive in my daily life. Cancer Mars is not assertive, as it is, because Cancer Mars is in the Fall. mars square the ASC would be an inability( or very hard time) showing drives in one’s daily lfie. Drives include anger, passion, sexuality etc.

Now, on to Venus trine the ASC. I can show love to people. When i care, I will let that love flow out to people. Venus is love and a trine is an easy flow. There you have it about the planets aspecting my ASC. Now, it is your turn 😀



10 thoughts on “Your Ascendent—What the Heck Is it Doing To Ya?

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I have the Aquarius rising. Other people have been more aware of how I dress than I am. I’ll wear shoes until they get terribly shabby, carry a purse that’s terribly beat up, etc and I don’t even notice. I let my hair get very gray for months at a time, and I couldn’t care less. I am just not interested in fashion, and it has nothing to do with not having much money. I would look the same if I was filthy rich!

    Rising signs are fascinating! Thanks for the very informative and interesting article!!! I am so extremely curious about the rising sign of people I know that it’s driving me crazy!!


    Ruth E Velasco

  2. amiannGabby

    Very good article Ami….wow….never realized my ascendant has alot of action!
    sun/merc sextile 3 degree, saturn sextile 4 degree, jupiter opposed 6 degree
    pluto conjunct 3 degree, venus nearly conjunct 11 degree…but still in 1st house….blackmoon lilith opposed 3 degrees, ceres is trined by 3 degrees and psyche is trined by 7 degrees, eros n valentine are sqaure by 3 degrees…
    i dont think is a square, but im not sure…mars gemini@29.33 to asc venus@7.05? Out of sign and almost out of orb for a square? But i guess mars does conjunct MC!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Gabby!! BB did my chart and opened me up to all this. That is why everyone should do everyone’s charts. You will gain if you do charts. You will gain if someone does your chart. It is a win/win situation 😀

  3. amiannscorpiomama

    I have something interesting to add about ascendants. My natal ascendant sits at 23 degrees and 55 minutes Sagittarius. BUT, most of, or really ALL of my 1st house is Capricorn. I think I resemble the look of a Capricorn more since I am on the skinny side, look frail I guess you can say, and have a small head. People always say I look and act too serious! lol. I am always tending to errands and this is what satisfies me. I think we need to look to see if our 1st house is huge, and add that to the ascendant sign as well. My Sagittarius ascendant gives me a strong drive to travel to far away places. This has been going on for quite some time. The drive to travel I mean. My aspects to my ascendant is a sextile to my Anteros or Aphrodite. Forgot. lol. My ascendant is not very strong as you can see. :^(

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