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Your Life Story is Written in the Chart

The star that led the wise men to Jesus was a chart. Astrology is part of Christianity, as far as I can see. Just as Jewish people are destined to become Born Again, and many Christians do not understand this, God is for Astrology, and many people do not understand this. If not, how and why is Astrology so uplifting. People may say it is from the devil, but that is not based on anything but people’s inability to think for themselves.God gave man the charts so man would have a map of his own life. The Bible is the Personal Map of God. The Bible shows us who God is, what He thinks, how He feels, how He wants man to be. Life makes little sense without the Bible. Our own lives make little sense without the charts. The charts illuminate one’s life just as the Bible illuminates one’s relationship with God. Ask God about Astrology, for yourself. Seek God. Meditate and get close to God. Then, ask Him. Don’t listen to “religious” people. Use your own mind, your own heart and your OWN connection to God. Write to me and tell me what you think.



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