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Your Parents As Seen In Your Astrological Chart

Did you know that your Sun can show your relationship with your father. Your moon can show your relationship with your mother. How amazing is that? Before you took your first breath, God had your life mapped out. The things that “happen” to the Sun i.e the aspects to the Sun, show your father in your life. The same holds true for the Moon. We cannot answer questions as to why we had abuse or why we had a hard childhood. The Bible says that while we are on the earth, we see through a glass, darkly. Later, when we get to Heaven, we will know all things.

I know that many people had a very hard childhood. No human can make sense of why. These are some of the unanswerable questions. However, the chart shows our strengths, as well as our weakness and hardships Every chart has it’s own beauty reflecting the unique beauty and opportunities that each person can take.

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