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Your Shadow Side—Hekate

How much do we pay psychologists to find our shadow side? We pay thousands.Once again, Astrology comes to the rescue with little to no financial loss. Hekate is our shadow side akin to Jung’s archetypes. Haven’t you always wanted to know what lurks in your own darkness? Even the most self aware person knows he is seeing just a mere fraction of what is actually there. As with all asteroids, they come to the fore when they are conjunct other asteroids or pivotal places in the chart such as the Ascendent. I am doing a chart of a young lady with Eros conjunct Hekate. That prompted this article. In this case, her erotic nature would be the shadow side of which she is unaware or partially aware. Find out what conjuncts your Hekate and study away.It is what you don’t want to face about yourself. In synastry, if someone’s planets or asteroids touch your Hekate they will show you the shadow side of that planetary body. Conversely, you will do the same to them. How fascinating are the Asteroids?

4 thoughts on “Your Shadow Side—Hekate

  1. amiannDL

    what can you say about a person with hekate conj the descendant?

    will i wake up one day unaware that im married XD

    or that maybe i wont be able to understand my partner fully…

      1. amiannDL

        i missed you too 🙂

        got a lot of exams lately so didnt have much free time

        the hekate conj descendant is my personal natal aspect

        also for some reaseon i think that my 12house juno is also connected…

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          OK if Juno is involved, then the orbs must be very small in any aspect other than a conjunction such as a trine, square etc. If you have Hekate conjunct your DSC, you may project Hekate out as the DSC will do. So, you may find your shadow self in relationships, by being in a relationship/ WE all do this to some extent but you may do it more. Does that fit? I am so glad to hear from you DL! Thank you for understanding my intent in the articles on gay marriage. You know my heart! <3

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