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Your Unaspected Planets—Pull Them Out and Don’t Stop

If you are fortunate to have an Unaspected Planet, you have buried treasure. It may be shipwrecked, as in days of old. It may be capsized.It may be on the bottom of the ocean, but you have it. Astrology never lies. Astrology is never wrong. The Astrologer may be, due to human error or inexperience. However, if your chart is accurate, that chart is a picture of you. As such, if you are fortunate enough to have an Unaspected Planet, you are fortunate, indeed. It is a responsibility.Personally, I don’t think one can unearth one’s Unaspected Planet without maturity. I think God set it up that way because the power in an Unaspected Planet is too strong for the immature soul. By the process of unearthing it, you learn it’s lessons. Then, you will have unique opportunities to use them, as that is the nature of God’s Gifts. They are for yourself, but, also, to be used for others. God wants to get TO you, so He can get THROUGH you. I am going to talk about each Unaspected Planet.

Sun—The Unaspected Sun can shine as no other, if the person can bring it up from it’s buried state and allow it expression. There are more famous people with Unaspected Suns than any Unaspected Planet. I can see this, as one would have a very unique way about himself, if he had to earn it and learn it, without help from “others”. Others are aspects, as they link planets. An Unaspected Planet is a feral child. He can, truly, go either way, as can an orphan. The Sun is our ego, our identity. If the Unaspected Sun has a buried identity and manages to bring it to the fore, he will, by the nature of the process, have a strong identity, which can burn like a pure flame, unlike another.

Moon–The Unaspected Moon is a child locked in an adult’s body. He truly is as innocent at heart, as he seems. People may resent him, as they think it is an act.It is not. This gentle soul is like no other. He is a tremendous gift to others, although he may suffer, a great deal. He may have had no real mother. Hence, part of his innocence is his real need for mothering. He has a way about him that makes others want to mother him. He is the eternal lost child, the eternal Peter Pan, as was Micheal Jackson, although he was not a true Unaspected Moon. He captures it’s spirit, though.


Venus–The Unaspected Venus was put on earth to learn about love. It is a weighty lesson. However, as with all Unaspected Planets, the native won’t stop until he is done. Either that, or he gives up completely. There seems to be an either/or dichotomy with Unaspected Planets. At any rate, the Unaspected Venus must learn about love through the doing. Love is the hardest part of being a human. It is the easiest, as well, as it is so natural. The Unaspected Venus must learn the lesson of how to use love. Love is a cruel taskmaster in that you do not tell him what to do. If you do, he will bite. You must yield. Yield to yourself. Yield to life. Yield to others. In yielding, you will be pricked . You will have pain the force of fire. However, within the pain, you will cast aside dross. You will find that under the dross is a purity of spirit, as in a child. You have had to make a very long trip to get back from where you started.

Mars–The Unaspected Mars must learn about drive,passion, anger aggression and assertion. That is quite a lot. The Unaspected Mars native could get himself in to trouble. It is a Herculean task. I have seen one out of control Unaspected Mars. When the native goes on an anger roll, hide your heads. He seems to have a white hot anger, consuming all.However, when it is over, he seems to come out of a self administered trance and act like little happened. Meanwhile, you are scratching your head, sitting in the midst of ruble. The Unaspected Mars must learn to moderate and modulate his anger. If not, he is headed for disaster. Go to Anger Management, if you need to. Grab a hold of that fierce beast. You were endowed with it for a reason. Remember, it is a gift, but you must earn it.

Jupiter–Unaspected Jupiter is thought to allow for unusual luck and good fortune. There may be a natural optimism and good cheer. This draws others to them, as they radiate a charisma. One likes to be near an Unaspected Jupiter, in the hopes that is will rub off.

Saturn–Unaspected Saturn is a very special person in that he has a great deal of integrity. He embodies the best of Capricorn. The employer for whom he works will have found a prize.He seems to have a sensitive conscience.He will be a friend on whom one can count.He is a serious person, one on whom you can rely. That means a lot in this day and age of “me, me, me”. You know what I mean. I am certain.

Uranus–Unaspected Uranus is one of my favorites. Instead of making Uranus buzz up to the ceiling, it calms Uranus down. The striking feature of the Unaspected Uranus is his creativity. The closest thing you will see to a walking Picasso is an Unaspected Uranus. Every facet of his being is creative, from his speech to his mannerisms. He does it his own way, but it is not strident. He has nothing to prove. He knows who he is. He knows what he has. He uses it in an understated way, which makes it all the more striking.

Pluto–Unaspected Pluto must learn the lessons of power. Uh huh, it is a huge task, not for the faint of heart. The Unaspected Pluto is a force to be reckoned with. I suppose some of them may roll up into a ball and abrogate use of their gift. However, with the Unaspected Pluto, I doubt it. I cannot see him going under the bed. He will wield power, his currency. He will misuse it, no doubt. Picasso did not start painting masterpieces, right off the bat. The Unaspected Pluto may be a pure demon on wheels, running over everyone and everything until he learns that the truly powerful speak with a whisper, not a shout.


6 thoughts on “Your Unaspected Planets—Pull Them Out and Don’t Stop

  1. amiannDrex Mason

    What exactly do you mean by unaspected? It is next to impossible to find any planet that doesn’t have some kind of aspect. Or do you mean major aspect? Like a square,opposition,trine or conjunction. I’m not sure I have ever seen a planet that was completely unaspected.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes Drex
      This refers to no major aspects from 8 -10 degrees. There is some degree disagreement among astrologers, as will always be the case, in any field. The quincunx does not count, either.

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    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Chiron does not count toward Unaspected! Come and join my Forum. It is free. I have an Unaspected Moon Support Group. I am in it, too. WE need each other as it is a very vulnerable position for the moon! Hope to see you there 😀

  3. amiannAnanya

    Thanks for the post.its very inspiring .i have an unaspected sun.and its sextile to mc .i do feel I am taking a lot of time to decide about my career .but lately I tend to enjoy atteintion .although its still a huge pressure for me to go out there and shine .it makes me unsure about people do think I shine just great but…
    Thanx again

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are very welcome. Thank you for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me! Come and post your chart on my Forum, if you want. Hope to see you there 🙂

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