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Childhood Abuse and Lack of Personal Power

If you were abused, you may have gone one of two ways. You may have gotten tough and vowed that no one would hurt you, again, or you may have folded and become a marshmallow. You may have thrown away your personal power. Either extreme is not good, obviously. One’s personal power is one’s most valuable asset . Without it, life means little. Without it, one is out to sea with no paddle. Life has no structure. Everything hurts. One cannot detach oneself from what life will throw at oneself. One feels at the mercy of outside tides, as to how one rises and flows.

One, usually, loses one’s power when a parent demands one give it up, as a condition of childhood love. The child wants to be loved more than anything. Love is a terrible weapon to use against a child. However, it is often the case. The child must decide whether to keep his self esteem intact, or try to get the much needed parental approval. Most children will abdicate their sense of self to the parent. Then, the child is left as a ghost. He has the visible outlines of a person. However, he is empty, inside. This is a crime, but happens all the time. The asteroid Echo tells this story. If you have her in a prominent place in the natal chart, this will be your personal story. However, it seems to be quite rampant in general society.

What is the point of defining a problem if there is no solution. That is like going to an ice cream shop and looking, but not tasting. I do not agree with current psychological methods to regain one’s power i.e one’s sense of self. One’s personal power and one’s sense of self are virtually the same thing, or so intertwined as to make them, virtually, one entity.

When one has the Bible.,one goes to it for matters of the heart.The Bible was not meant to be a dusty tome, written by old, out of touch men. The Bible, in fact, is a living entity. How that can happen, I don’t understand, as the human mind is oriented to the earth plane. However , the Bible can be taken as a medicine. It can be planted as a seed and it will grow . A verse from the Bible can be planted in the human heart and it will grow, in terms of changing you , from the inside out. I know this seems unbelievable. However, even the wisest of earthly men know that they understand but a fraction of what is behind the workings of the material world.

If one was an abused child, one starts with a deficit. It may show up in different ways, for different people. The natal chart can show the nature and severity of childhood abuse. However, how is one to mend it. That is the million dollar question. One must begin a journey of healing. This journey is not one that people take in the contemporary society such as go to a therapist and /or take a psych drug. This journey goes to the very nature of who you are. That nature must include God, as you are a child of God. The specifics of that nature and your diligence in it, will take you back to the lost pieces of yourself. The simple answer is that you were not a child of your parents, as much as you are a child of God. Find out how much He values you. Find out how much he has made every part of your body and made your unique personality. The natal charts can show this. However, you don’t need the natal charts to pick up the Bible and find out WHO you are. This is who you really are.


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