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Are You a Narcissist?

I took a test and scored waaaay too high on it. It got me thinking about narcissism. It is an ego driven lens with which one sees the world. One may be too grandiose or too submissive. Either side of the coin is still a manifestation of Narcissism. Narcissism is an out of sized ego. The person who thinks he is the worst person is as Narcissistic was the person who thinks he is the greatest. Each pole is an ego which is wrong sized. The correct size for the ego is humility.

Humility can be understood from the Bible. It is seeing yourself as God sees you. You are wonderful and worth everything, as God, who created Heaven and Earth, loves you. On the other hand, you are one of many billions of people whom God loves, too. So, to have proper humility, one must know, both, how big and how small one is.

That is the trick, I think. Humility is, also, knowing our gifts. Humility is a proper knowing of oneself, I would say. It includes loving our strengths and knowing our weaknesses. It is not self loathing. It is not self aggrandizement. I think we cannot handle it, without God.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Narcissist?

  1. amiannabhishek

    Lovely information!!! I think i am a narcissist some times i feel the extremes of inferiority complex and then i explain to my heart that i m better then the rest all, so what if i am so sensitive and possesive, that moment i make myself feel that im a gifted child coz i follow gods rule of loving everyone, forgiveness, being a helping hand and respecting elders that way i calm myself down so u see i see both the extremes of narcissim i feel a lot of mood swings perhaps coz of any hormonal disbalance so it attributes to both extremes but i never feel any arrogance or attitude or any superiority complex so i am not a ‘bad’ narcissist i bielieve what say ami????????

  2. amiannabhishek

    My weakness: friendship, loneliness, depression, health

    my strength: my creativity, my confidence(in few aspects), optimism, being a good human inside, respect for everything and everyone

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