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Why Are People Sadistic for No Reason?

metal spikesI know two people who really enjoy sadism. I look to the charts and I do get clues.One is a male. One is a female. I have the charts of both and know both. I will  put forth some thoughts from these two charts, as well as others I have done of sociopaths and other people. As always, the best part is the discussion, so I ask you to add your experiences and opinions.

I think a sadist would have to have an aberration in the Moon, Jupiter and/or Uranus. I am going to leave aside the asteroid Sado, for the moment and just focus on planets. I don’t think one could be a sadist with a  empathetic  Moon such as Cancer or Taurus. If these Moons had many hard aspects, that may change the situation. However, barring this, I don’t think an empathetic Moon could be a sadist.

I don”t think one could be a sadist without Jupiter having major  issues. Two of the sociopaths I know have a strange configuration with their Jupiter’s. In both cases, every single planet but one makes a hard aspect to Jupiter. That is a very unusual chart, for sure.

Jupiter is a big factor in conscience. A sensitive Jupiter without hard aspects would not tend to have an impaired conscience.

Uranus seems to play a role in the sadist. The sadists I know love to shock. One sadist  that I know has an Unaspected Uranus. It would make for a very independent person. This person may be a creative genius in the manner of a great artist or musician. However, I could see this planet being in the chart of a person who had not regard for the feelings of others. The Unaspected Uranus would be the consummate  independent person. That independence could free him from societal restraints. However, if we add lack of empathy to extreme individuality, we may have a monster i.e a sociopath who is a sadist. I have seen that in one of the charts I have done

I expect that all sadists like to shock.Uranus rules  shock of all sorts from electrical to shocking people for the sadistic pleasure of it. In summary, I would look to the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. In the sadist, one or more of these would be impaired. I feel confident to say that, although I am not confident of all the hows and whys.

The Asteroid Sado is the asteroid of the sadist just as Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. For the person who has a prominent Sado, one can expect him to be sadistic. How it would play out could be seen by examining the entire chart.

This was not an exhaustive study. I wish I knew more. However, perhaps, we can all put our heads together and come up with more information!




22 thoughts on “Why Are People Sadistic for No Reason?

  1. amianncatman90

    This is a bit cheeky to ask this but Pretty pwease go easy on Leo.I’ve noticed Leo getting trashed on other sites while other signs seem to be do no wrong.This might be a bit bad to say this but I feel certain Gemini and Aries seem to think they are above Leo and everyone else.People give Scorpio a hard time but some of the Geminis and Aries I have seen recently put Scorpio to shame.It sickens me watching Gemini and Aries get away with murder. Also I’d like to say that I noticed people with seemingly perfect charts behave like absolute monsters.I think even those with a well aspected Venus can be absolutely vile no matter how charming they pretend to be.

  2. amianncatman90

    Thanks Ami xx <3
    Its nothing personal about Gemini its just im feeling a bit wound up lately and needed to vent.
    I hope things are going well for you and congratulations I heard your father was saved.

      1. amianncatman90

        I might just be feeling a little bored and indifferent to the world.I have a little bit busy lately so its not like i’m constantly stuck in the house which is a good thing.I recently went to a college to find out about getting some qualifications and I tried off road driving and Airsoft among other things.Its a shame that my Ascendant is in Libra because at the moment Mars is conjunct it.I guess I feel I want to stir things a little and play Judge,Jury and Executioner.I feel like i’m really observing the world and weighing up everything and everyone in my world.I notice a lot of disorder all around me and it puts my life into perspective.It makes realise that nothing lasts forever and everything and everyone is to good to be true.I think Libra has me a good lesson.I think I should try to be shrewd and try to remain dignified and rational while the world crumbles around me.

  3. amiannamiann Post author

    That is so cute. We would have fun if we ever went out together, after you broke into my roof and took me out with a bulldozer, we could go to Sephora 😀

  4. amiannLon Spector

    “The Lord works in mysterious ways,” just as there is no accounting for
    why we always behave the way we do, according to our Astrological
    As you told me before, plenty of people have WORSE charts then Casey
    Anthony. (Today is her birthday, incidently.) Based on her chart, there is NO
    accounting for her behavior.
    She has (like me) Moon in Cancer in the 11th house. The only “bad” aspects
    to the Moon, would be Neptune in 5th opposite the Moon. With both Uranus +
    Neptune, square her Sun in the 8th, she would suffer from very severe
    delusions. Venus in the 9th house opposite Pluto in the 3rd house would
    indicate problems in the romance area. (She went from man, to man.)
    Also, you should read what the “Astrologer’s Handbook,” has to say about
    Neptune square Sun.
    Casey is “blessed” by a “water trune” (I don’t know what THAT means.) And she
    has no bad aspects to Jupiter. In fact, she is AIDED by her Jupiter placement.
    She has Jupiter in the 7th house of legal manners and marriage. She should
    benifit in BOTH areas. That’s another “head scratcher.” She DOES have Saturn
    in the 4th house of “home enviorment.” Was she the victim or the CAUSE of
    the troubles she experienced there? So, with all these contradictions, I can see
    why only an EXTENSIVE chart interpertation could answer these questions.
    BTW, I really am through posting on The Caylee Daily. It appears that none of
    my posts are getting through. They are using a process called “muting.”
    From my end, it looks like the posts are getting through; I don’t see any signs
    that the posts are being “moderated.” Everything looks “normal.” But the others
    there are rejoycing that my posts have not been seen for a number of days.
    They wrote E-mails to the owner of the site, a woman named Express and told
    her that I was a troll, and they would all defect to another site if I continued to
    post.” Some troll I was! One small posting a day.
    I was unfamulaur with this “muting” process. Do you know anything about it?
    I accept that my time at TCD is over, and I won’t try to skirt the ouster.
    They were blind with hate anyway, and the poor deluded gals thought I was
    Cindy Anthony, or some other Anthony family member. This is probably some
    natural abberation of the human thought process and the reason why people
    believed the non sensacal claims of Casey’s defense team to begin with.
    Could I ask one favor? I didn’t know about this “muting technique.” I left Casey
    a birthday message on the “Leave A Message For Casey” section of the website. I’m wondering how common this “muting”
    censorship is. Could you visit the site and see if my letter is there? It should be
    easy to locate. It’s the very last letter there. I need to know if this cowardly
    muting garbage has been used against me before. Please visit there when you
    get the time and tell me if you saw the letter.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Why the could shoulder? I only wanted you to explain-if you knew- what
    “muting” was. I asked for ONE simple favor. I wanted you to go to and see if they printed my letter.
    This “muting” stuff makes me very insecure, and I don’t know much about
    computers to begin with! I relie on you for the straight dupe.
    I know that the people from TCD must be writing you E-mails because they
    have pledged to do EVERYTHING in their power to destroy me! (7th & 12th
    house enemies) They think that I am an Anthony family member with 0 evidence.
    They will everything in their power to slander me, because they think they can get
    at Casey through me! You will NOT let them poision the well, will you?
    I told you to keep the lines of communication open to your parents and it WORKED! They shut me out. Now, they are trying to persuade YOU to shut me
    out! Will I visit this site tomorrow and find ALL my postings deleated, and find that
    I’m BANNED?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I told you I went to the Casey Anthony site and your letters were not there, Lon. Lon, dear, you are getting paranoid. I get that way about things, too. I am not getting any e mails from anyone. I LOVE having you here. You are a big contributor to this site. What is muting?

  6. amiannLon Spector

    I knew it! Didn’t I predict it would come to this? At least I have the satisfaction
    of not having been blindsited ! HATE HAS WON THE DAY, AS IT USUALLY DOES!
    but at least I know YOU can see it! You can BAN, but GOD never bands.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami,
    Please accept my humblest apology! I sincerly thought that I was banned
    from this site.
    Yesterday, I tried to post as usual, and some strange goblitey gook
    appeared on the screen. I tried to do everything I knew (which isn’t much)
    to get my messages through, (As you can see from the number of postings
    I left.)
    I thought it MIGHT BE a “one day malfunction,” on your site. I looked at the
    dates of ALL the prior postings. It seemed so until I saw “Rainbow Cake’s”
    posting dated March 21. If she got her posting through, I couldn’t account for
    why my postings weren’t going through.
    I saw some of the hateful, obscene things that were said about me in the above
    posting, and thought that the haters were deluging this site with wicked
    comments about me, and the things I write about.
    I know that you didn’t bargain on this-the fact that other people from other sites
    would try to make trouble-so I thought that you might have just dropped me.
    The people on the former sites I posted on, are engaged in a “gaslighting process.” Very few people understand the meaning of “Gaslighting,” because
    very few have underwent the treatment. Usually, people are more “up front” in
    their efforts to destroy a person. But having been victim of this insidious process
    on numerious ocassions, I know it when I see it.
    I also went to “Technical Control” (Which can link up with this computer.) and asked
    them what the meaning was of the indescripable writing. They had no explaination,
    which only firther lead me to believe that something was arye.
    And also, when I asked you (because I trusted you) to see if you could locate the
    Casey Anthony birthday letter, you said you couldn’t see it. I could see it from my
    side of the computer, but if there ARE methods for me to see it-and the rest of
    the world NOT to see it, (“muting?”) that is a cause for anxiety for me. Why am I
    wasting my time on the computer if I send out posts that only I can see?
    “Moderating,” I can understand. “Muting” freaks me out. I asked you to explain
    what “muting” was but you didn’t.
    With my lifetime of rude treatment by people, I AM a suspicious sort. I realize that
    I misinterped the signs. So I do apoligise!

  8. amiannLon Spector

    In any case, what do you think of the song “Wildflower” by Skylark?
    I am a sucker for Venus in Pisces love songs, because I want what I can’t
    have. Also, what do you think of the song “Precious And Few,” by_____?
    BTW, you said you wanted to see something that I posted on I posted a fairly long letter this morning, (If it got through)
    I think you’ll know it’s me, by the “self-history” I go into. It seems that the folks
    there are worried that I might be obsessed with the owner of the website.
    I can’t help my Venus in Pisces in the 8th house interests, but I’m no means
    “obsessed.” It will be interesting how the sociopaths respond to that letter!
    When I was a kid, there was a kind of Rock in Roll, called “Bubble Gum.”
    These were very “breezy, upbeat” songs. The most famous Bubble Gum”
    singer was named Tommy Roe. He sung such songs as “Hooray For Hazel,”
    (A song about a sociopathic girl) “Dizzy” (An energenic song about a boy’s “love”
    for a girl), and “Sweet Pea” (Same topic)
    Many years ago, the radio would play the “Top 40 songs” ranked by popularity.
    When I was under ghostly attack, (Slapped and hair pulled by unseen hands)
    the radio was playing Tommy Roe’s “Sweet Pea.” The song goes something like
    “I went to a party just the other night
    I saw a girl there, she was out of sight
    I asked my friends, who she might be
    And they said all her friends call her Sweet Pea.”

    “Ah, Sweet Pea, won’t you dance with me
    Won’t you, won’t you, dance with me-ee?
    Ah Sweet Pea, won’t you be my girl?
    “Won’t you be my girl?
    Won’t you, won’t you, won’t you, be my g-i-r-l?

    I resolved to make friends with my “ghost” who I named “Sweet Pea.”
    In my mind’s eye, I pictured myself, bowing at the waist before “Sweet Pea”
    who looked like little more then a fluffed up pillow. (These were the days of
    Caspar the Friendly Ghost remember) and asked her to dance.
    Sweet Pea wasn’t to impressed. She briskly slapped me across the top of my
    head, and tugged on my hair. The story of my life with women!

  9. amiannLon Spector

    I guess you are burdened with problems right now. We don’t know other
    people’s states, unless they tell us.
    You hold much of your secrets close to the vest. I guess that is because you
    have gotten much critism about presenting yourself as both “Christian” AND
    “psychic.” It’s NOT your fault. Like me, you happen to be both. Harsh,
    judgemental, people just don’t get it. You’ve done what you needed to do to
    retain your sanity. There’s no crime in that. People do what they have to do to
    survive. I expect Casey will. I love you very much!

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