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Talk Therapy Will Not Work

I know I will get a lot of criticism for saying this. I think it is true, so I must say it. I have never seen someone helped by talk therapy. If someone has been, I have not seen it. I have seen people understand, intellectually, what is wrong with them. I have seen them become an encyclopedia of information about their condition, but I have never seen deep emotional change. I say this to offer something of value, not to be disrespectful of traditional therapy. If something does not work, why invest time, money, your heart and your soul in it? Current science says that trauma is stored in the right side of the brain. The right side is the feeling side. Talk therapy engages the left side of the brain, primarily. That is where the problem lies. God has provided a simple way to heal, as God does with all our problems. Crying is the way to empty out the trauma and pain. There is a wall of pain stored in any person who has had a lot of trauma. That must be emptied out, for the person to have any TRUE healing, in my opinion.

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