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What Is a Personality Disorder?

I will weigh in with my opinion, for your consideration. It is based on both study and life experience. A PD is constant. I think this is the main, defining factor. The normal human spectrum involves all sorts of emotions and behaviors. If you look at any PD, I think we all can relate to the traits as part of the human spectrum of experience. However, the degree and longevity of the traits are VERY different with a PD

If you think of psychosis, we all have felt murderous rages and impulses. If you think of schizophrenia, we all have had times when we were lost in our imaginary world of dreams and fantasies.

However, the PD is a stuck mechanism. It is not different in kind, but in degree. As such, you are not going to get a person with a PD to “act right”. You cannot cajole or coax a person with a PD to straighten up and fly right. They cannot. They can look as if they are normal, for a period of time. However, if you know them well enough, you will see that they cannot sustain it .

I must say that if you add God in to the equation, anyone can heal. There is no PD or physical condition which God cannot make 100% new. However, the person must access God’s “rules” for healing i.e. God’s Laws. God wants to heal all people. Man’s lack of understanding of God’s Ways is the limiting factor, never God.

Iheard a radio interview with Son of Sam. He was as cogent as anyone I have ever heard. It was a wonderful thing to see what a changed man he was. God is in the business of miracles. However, without God, you cannot heal a PD, in my opinion.

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