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Can A Person Sell His Soul To The Devil?

411324_422780367742311_2061767975_oSelling one’s soul to the devil is a common theme in horror movies. It is a scary concept, so let me try to shed some light on it from a Biblical perspective. This story may make for scary literature or movies but it is NOT portrayed as the Bible portrays it. Yes, one can sell his soul to the devil but certain conditions must apply. These conditions must be understood by those who wrestle with this question.

First of all, all people belong to the devil before they are Born Again. Children are Born Again until they come to the age of reason. It is not exactly being Born Again, but they have God’s spirit inside them. Mentally retarded people would be in the same category. The above groups cannot make a conscious choice to accept or reject God. Children are too young. Mentally retarded people do not have the capacity.

The age of reason is unknown. Some people speculate that it is 13, the age of the Bar Mitzvah. When I think back, I remember having a clear spirit until I was 13-14. By a clear spirit, I mean that I could se things as they were. I could see that depraved things were depraved. I could see that immoral things were immoral. Children do have an inherent sense of right and wrong. Where do they get this? It is from God’s spirit that is within them.

At some point God’s spirit leaves every child. At this point, the devil owns that child’s spirit. How can that be, you ask? Man’s spirit must have a ruler. Man may think he rules his own spirit but he does not. His spirit is ruled by the force of light or the force of darkness. There is no in-between position.

So, let’s look at this a little closer. First of all, let’s break man down in the way that the Bible does. Man has a spirit, soul and a body. Only one part of man can be given to the devil. It is the spirit and not the soul.

People may use these words interchangeably but they are NOT. I will explain. Man is made up of three parts. We all know about the body. The soul is your personality. When someone hurts your feelings, they hurt your soul. When music evokes feelings in you, you feel them with your soul. When you feel passion, you feel it with your soul. This part of you is not yours to give to the devil or give to God. It is part of the earth domain. It is part of the material world.

God is a spirit. The devil is a spirit. They exist in the spiritual realm. Your spirit exists in the spiritual realm, too. That is why you cannot “feel it”, per se.

If someone asked you how you felt? You could answer about the state of your soul. You may say you are happy, depressed, in love, in lust, or any number of moods. However, if someone asked about your spirit, you could not access the information from your mind or your senses. How do you access it, you ask? This brings us to the Biblical definition of man. Each man has a spirit. When God breathed life into Adam, God breathed the spirit into Adam. One’s spirit will never die. One’s body and soul will die. However, one’s spirit will stay alive throughout all eternity. Please, think about that for a moment.

People want to leave this life because they think they will sleep forever, in peace. People think that if they can ONLY get out of this life, problems will end. They think the next world is nirvana.Let me say this, for sure. There is a next world and EVERYONE will be alive in it. In fact, you will be more alive there than you are here. Energy can neither be created or destroyed according to science. A human being is energy.Hence, he will exist forever. The only question is where?

That brings us to the concept of the spirit. The spirit is defined in the Bible.Most of the Bible is about man’s spirit. This is the case when it comes to how man can find God.. Lets look at the spirit. One cannot “feel” his spirit. If one believes the Bible, one must just accept that one has a spirit. We will go by that premise. Every man has a spirit. When he is a child up to the age of accountability, that spirit is connected to God. That is why little children can be wiser than adults when it comes to right and wrong. They “know” what is right and wrong because they are connected to God’s spirit.

At the age of accountability, God’s spirit leaves them. Then, Satan is connected to their spirit. This is a result of the fall of Adam and the curse on the earth. This happens to all people, irrespective if they are “good or bad”. Hence, the child from this age on is not connected to God. If he dies, he will go to Hell.

All people are exposed to Jesus. We may not understand how, as in tribal people. However, God can come to people in dreams or visions. We don’t have to figure this out, other than to say that every person has an opportunity to find God. If you look at your own life, you will see people who tried to bring Jesus to you. This happened to me from the time I was 14 on. I thought they were silly and ignorant. I was an intellectual Jew. I didn’t need this ignorant mess.

One day, I lost my pride and called out, from my depths for Anyone, Anywhere to help me. That is when I found Jesus, but that is not the subject of this article. Back to the Age of accountability. No one is sure of the exact age but it is probably around 13. Then, the person is no longer connected to God, but it connected to the devil. God will send people to him. God will try to reach him like a sprinter running over hurdles. For each person who goes to hell, God has tried countless times to reach him. That person had to purposely run away. That person had to consciously decide that Jesus was not for him. No person will go to Hell without countless attempts by God to stop him.

However, if the person won’t listen, the person will have made his choice. Then, he will go to Hell when he dies. That brings us back to the subject of this article. An unsaved man cannot sell his soul to satan because he soul is already Satans. (It is his spirit, as I hope is clear by now, but I am just using common terminology) So, the unsaved man does not have to worry about the whole issue of his soul being Satan’s. IT IS. This goes for every man, whether he seems “good or bad”. This goes for Buddha and Ted Bundy. There is no difference in terms of their unsaved nature. God sees one thing–Saved or Unsaved. We, humans, categorize man in categories of good and bad, but they are meaningless to God who sees man as saved and unsaved. I am simplifying things to make my point but my point is right.

That brings me to who and how one sells their soul( spirit) to the devil, as it can be done.There are very few people who “sell their soul to the devil” This is because it is very rare . This is how it can happen. If a person truly gets Born Again and casts it off, there is no way he can get Born Again, again. If one truly accepts Jesus as his personal savior and then turns his back on Jesus with an actual rejection, then that man is doomed for all eternity. I know many ministers who say they never have seen it. It is rare but it does happen.

There is a very famous and rich woman whom I think did this. I am not alone in thinking this, although I came to the conclusion, on my own. Later, I saw that others had agreed. This woman started out as a true believer in Jesus, it seemed. Then, she got riches beyond one’s wildest imagination. She got fame beyond one’s wildest imagination. She could prestige and honor. Then, she denied Jesus. Other than this woman, I don’t know of anyone else, in my personal looking at it.

I hope I have touched some people and inspired you to ask questions. That is what I am here for 🙂




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54 thoughts on “Can A Person Sell His Soul To The Devil?

      1. amiannBiblea

        Ezekiel 18:4
        God says
        “All souls are mine”

        And He’s right

        The devil can only lure pp away to get their souls. They never were his in the first place
        Ami don play with stuff like this
        We 9 ho users tell the truth u give us a bad name by stretching it :/

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Everything in the Bible hangs together. Every verse can be reconciled to the whole. There is NO error and NO contradiction. The Old Testament is a different Dispensation. This means there were different “rules” one had to follow to find God.The OT was written to a different group of people. One needs to look at that when one looks at an OT verse.
          Just briefly, the OT was written to one group of people, the Jews. The OT had many, many laws that had to must follow to “get to” God. These had to be followed to a tee.The New Testament included the Gentiles and had one “rule” one had to follow. That “rule” is acceptance of Jesus. The OT was Law. The NT is Grace. It is best to start with Prophecy because it is clear that the Bible can tell the future. If so, men should begin a serious study which will take you to the things I wrote about above and down to every detailed question you may have.

          1. amiannGhastlyted

            Wow who deleted my link. that was a good one.

            the bible says you shouldnt take it literally, friend.

          2. amiannGhastlyted

            no there wasnt any innuendo, Sorry to say Friend. Dont read too much into it, I was showing a perfect palindrome that is only very recently discoverred.

          3. amiannGhastlyted

            Goggle it, it will save you more time than waiting for the answer.

            It’s like a mirror image of words btw. like mirror|rorrim got it? a palindrome is hard to create because it reads perfectly well both ways. Goggle it and give me another exmple so I know you understand my .

          4. amiannamiann Post author

            Many people have wondered what would happen if we didn’t read from left to right. Imagine if you read this sentence from right to left-this is what you would see-tfel ot ohgir morf ecnetnes… Not much to read there. But imagine a sentence that you can read from left to right or right to left and still come up with the same thing-that’s a palindrome. Palindromes are all over the place and once you know what they are you will begin to realize that many of the words that we use on an everyday basis are considered palindrome words because of their ability to be read both forward and backwards with no change in the spelling.

            101 Palindromes: A List of Palindrome Words

            Palindrome 1: civic

            Palindrome 2: Dewed

            Palindrome 3: deified

            Palindrome 4: dad

            Palindrome 5: mom

            Palindrome 6: devoved

            Palindrome 7: Hannah

          5. amiannBiblea

            I think he means that the article sounds nice and publishable but it doesn’t make since
            I felt this way also

          6. amiannamiann Post author

            That is Ok if it doesn’t make sense, Biblea. The Bible has it’s own terminology, as does Astrology or any new subject. One must study it for a bit before it makes sense. The prophecies should help you. I will try to do those today.

  1. amiannYes

    I wrote a long response but it didnt load

    However felt you don’t understand, this. Selling the soul is serious and can’t be taken lightly
    Many have done this and nothing do with born again
    They will have there soul harvested at their peak

    One seleb example is Steve Jobs he was taken at his peak
    But he sol his sould to dheverl for fame and wealth and unspeakable prominence

    Best not to advertise this because u never know how curus soul may try for fun but they with Cyrus consequence

    Never take lightly this

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am giving a Bible definition. If there is another definition of selling your soul, I am not familiar with it but I don’t care because I don’t believe it lol I am not trying to be rude but I believe what the Bible says over any man, Friend.

      1. amiannYes

        Ezekiel 18:4 For everyone belongs to me, the parent as well as the child–both alike belong to me. The one who sins is the one who will die.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            The Old Testament must be read with a different lens than the New. People mess this up and come up with wrong interpretation of the Bible. People mess up to WHOM God is speaking and come up with wrong interpretations of the Bible. The King James is pretty accurate. For someone who is just learning, the Prophecies are a good place to start. That is where I started. I studied them for 3 entire years before I came to believe that Jesus was God. It was not an overnight thing, by any means. I was not going to jump into something that my intellect could not confirm I will write some articles on the Prophecies.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, he was right in many things but not ALL. I think he was a student of the Bible.The Bible is right in all with unerring accuracy as to place and time. I should write an article on the Prophecies for you. I will tell you one of the next world events that will happen.Damascus, Syria will be destroyed, down to rubble.

          1. amiannYes

            No but Syrian Hamsters will not die
            You thump the bible very hard
            Did you know bible is edited version
            Meaning censored by emperor in pasts?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            The Bible proves ITSELF to be Divine in several ways. It hold together as one united book, even though it was written over 1000s of years. It never contradicts itself. However, the Prophecy is God telling us that it is He who is the author, written through the pens of men. The Prophecies are there for that reason, Friend. Tomorrow, I will go over many of them.

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            In every heart of man there is a longing that can’t be filled by the earth, no matter what we try. That heart hole was made for God. It won’t be filled unless He goes into it.

          4. amiannBiblea

            No don’t talk like that
            A Godly person is whole
            Not a nuts an bolts thing

            Nobody is lacking
            God restores the spirit in a person

          5. amiannamiann Post author

            My Friend
            There is man’s way. There are your ideas, whatever they may be. Then, there is God’s way. It is not up to man to decide the ways of God. We are His creations. We are His Children.We must humble ourselves to Him and not vice-versa.

          6. amiannBiblea

            You are also a Man, Ami that mean you cannot interprete the bible according to your neurological interprets it is called falsehood and also blaspheme.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I’d very much like to know the name of the mystery woman you refered to in the
    above posting. I know of no “famous woman who started out Christian, renounced

    Christ, and obtained fabulus riches.”
    It’s not fair to tease us like that and leave us hanging.
    I do have a few examples of folks I think did that:
    1) Serial killer David Berkowitz. A.K.A. “The Son of Sam” He professed to be “born again”
    while he was in the army, a few years BEFORE he got into Devil worship and embarked
    on his murder spree. He admitted that he was the Devil’s servant.
    First pretended to be crazy, and blaimed the murders on a dog that he said was talking to him
    He got the idea from a T.V. movie that was shown at the time of the murders called “Devil
    Dog, Hound Of Hell” (1978)
    He now claims to be right with God.I don’t believe him. Why did he turn to Devil worship
    and murder AFTER his army conversion? I wrote to him. He never answered.
    2) Andy Kauffman. He was a famous “odd ball” comendian. He professed nationally that
    he became “born again” was going to marry a Christian and change his ways. Was it
    another gag? He didn’t follow through. He didn’t marry the person, and resumed his old ways.
    He died very young of lung cancer and never smoked.
    3) Mark David Chapman. Assissan of John Lennon (Who once said that the “Beatles were
    bigger then Christ”) He came from a born again Christian backround. He was a missionary.
    He invented an imaginary “Parlement” to rule his mind, after he lost the spirit.
    4) Casey Anthony. It is not well known but Casey also came from a Christian backround
    and included many Bible quotations in her letters. She was engaged to be married to
    Jessie Grund, son of the Reverand Richard Grund. Reverend Grund believes that Casey
    was possed by the demon Maloch, who advocates child sacrifice.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      LOL Well, let me think about it. I know I am not alone in this thinking as I have seen others say the same think but it is someone who appears very good and not bad.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I wonder about Bob Dylan. Remember when he did an album as a Born Again Christian/Messianic Jew. What happened with him? I am not saying this relates to selling your soul to the devil. You just seem to know a lot about a lot, Lon

    3. amiannamiann Post author

      In my opinion, it is Oprah Winfrey. When she first started, she would get on her knees before every show and thank God. Now, she says that Jesus is not the son of God and all paths lead to God. That is my personal opinion.

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