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250834_245963705504530_100002727076050_363611_1876249441_nI just got my live chat window fixed! Some people seem to like the live chat option. I can do it on FB, too, if people prefer or it seems easier. The live chat is a nice way to walk. The person can take his time and express himself. I can meditate on what he says in an unhurried way. I wanted to offer several options. People who are out of the country seem to like the live chat.   People seem to be very satisfied with their live chats and I enjoy this modality, too.

Many people find me through the search engines by looking for Christian Psychics. I think this is one of the main ways people find me. I like people to know how I work so they can decide if I am for them. Many Christian Psychics may not follow the Bible like I do. Many Christian Psychics may, too. I just know that I am a Bible believer. This comes first in my readings. I will never steer you in a way that violates the Bible. I will not judge someone who is not following the Bible. However, if asked,  I will give you a Biblical perspective. The Bible is God’s guidebook for flawed man. It is silly not to follow it when you think of it like that.

I have had many clients with relationship issues. This seems to be what I get the most. Many women seem like they are tempted to cheat. I never judge. I am a very flawed person, myself, so how could I judge?


I will be back

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