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Christian Psychics and the Holy Spirit

God has a plan, The Dark Side has a plan. God gives gifts. The Dark Side gives gifts. Sometimes, the gifts can look the same.  The Dark Side can get very accurate information.  This material world is ruled by the Ruler of the Dark Side.Hence, he knows details about you and those who have passed on, as well.

I would never call up the dead. The Bible prohibits this. I would never do witchcraft. The Bible prohibits this. I would not try to get information through tarot cards or crystal balls. I put up the Oracle cards but wonder if I was right to do that. I see them as one’s OWN  intuitive nature as choosing the card. My choices were right on but I still wonder if I did the right thing.

When psychics, mediums or even people who call themselves Christian psychics call up the dead. A familiar spirit is answering the questions. The Dark Side knows the answers to questions such as what you loved one liked to do or the special secrets of your loved one. People think it is the deceased  person but it is not.A water If I could go back, I wonder if I would have called myself a Christian Psychic. It felt right, at the time.I suppose that My Christian Psychic was supposed to be my name. However, as more and more people ask me about it, I am writing articles to try to explain.

I think the most crucial thing one has to know when one goes to a psychic is from where is the psychic getting his information.  There are only two possible places, God or the Dark Side. There is nothing in between, just as there are only two possible destinations after this life ends, Heaven or Hell.

For myself, as a Christian Psychic, I get my information from God. The reason is because I am Born Again. I have God’s spirit living inside me. All Born Again people do. Without this, one is attached to the Dark Side. Hence, any psychic information will be from the Dark Side. Will it be accurate? It may but it will not help you, ultimately. Only finding God will help you in this life and in the next.



13 thoughts on “Christian Psychics and the Holy Spirit

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Don’t let supposed “Christians” force you into justifying yourself to them!
    You ONLY answer to God! He is your ONLY Judge.
    Your critics want to shame you! They want to judge you you! They want to
    OWN you!
    Do you think that some of this evangalical vermin doesn’t do the very things
    they decry? Sex and money. That’s all they want!
    And people who have managed to stay out of trouble like Pat Robertson, are
    still money grubbers. And they put thier foots in their mouths, like when
    Robertson said “The Haitains DESERVED the earthquake that happend a few
    years ago because they were Devil Worshippers.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    So does Swaggert, and the whole bunch of them! They are only playing
    ROLES! Don’t believe EVERYTHING you see!
    They would sell you down the river in a “New York minute.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, some of them are frauds and some are the real deal. I think Robertson is the real deal. I think Hagee is. Many of the big time preachers out there are frauds though imo

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Preaching is a vocation, like ANYTHING else.
    The first “preacher” was Satan Himself. He “taught” Adam and Eve to know
    the difference between “good” and “evil,” and the world has been paying
    EVER since!
    “Do you want to be like God?, here’s how!”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Kenneth Hagin was born to be a preacher. Andrew Wommack was born to be a teacher. It is interesting that Kenneth Hagins son does not have the spirit of his father. I got some of his CDs by accident and I could barely even listen. He took over his fathers empire, which is what it had become, but he was not born to be a pastor, in my opinion, anyway.

  4. amiannLon Spector

    It’s called “lineage.” Many preacher’s families pratiace this. The Graham’s,
    The Robertson’s etc..
    A person can’t be born into the faith. Everyone must make their own
    personal commitment to Jesus. You can teach a person about Christ,
    but it is up to them to believe. They respond to the promptings of the
    Holy Spirit.
    All things considered, it is best that a person grow up in a “Christian”
    enviornment. But that, in and of itself, will NOT produce a Christian.
    Human Nature is ROTTEN to the core! It is CARNALISTIC. Aquisitive. Greedy.
    It would never ocurr to most people to come to Christ, because the world ONLY
    offers RELIGION. RELIGION IS FAILURE! It has no power to effect change.
    You have only to look around and see it!

  5. amiannLon Spector

    It’s like that “seventh son of a seventh son” garbage. That’s
    supersition. People must respond to God’s calling THEMSELVES like it
    says in John.

  6. amiannLon Spector

    Those person’s that call upon Jesus Christ who “believe on” Him
    recieve the Holy Spirit.” But EVERYONE has to do it themselves!
    To “belong” to Christ you must make a personal commitment, and be
    “Born Again.” Church membership and religious rituals mean nothing!
    Salvation comes through GRACE, which is an undeserved GIFT, which is
    given by God for NO OTHER REASON but that He loves us!
    Remember where John draws a distinction between what comes from Moses
    and what comes from Christ? Moses predicted Christ, and said the Jews
    should obey Christ, but the death of Christ was also predicted many years
    before. (See the 22nd Psalm.)
    Jesus Christ was the “Stone the builders (Jews) rejected.” He was right before
    them, but they couldn’t see it. That’s also in the first chapter of John.
    The Jews of Christ’s time were never suppost to believe in Him. They HAD to
    reject Him so that mercy could be shown to ALL the people’s of the world.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    The mind is weighted down by “historical traditions.” The “traditions”
    become objects of veneration. Belief in “traditions” erects a barrier between
    you and God.
    People believe that traditions are steeping stones to God. They are NOT!
    They are impediments to God, like an obstical course you have to run through.
    Traditions DO NOT satisfy our craves and urges. Only a LIVING RELATIONSHIP
    the Spirit of God can DO that!

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