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Christians, Christian Psychics, Psychics

541231_278942748887991_1539314417_nI get the same question all the time, “How can a Christian be a Christian Psychic?” Well, I was given this name from my first web designer and I felt it was supposed to be my name. My Christian Psychic has become who I am but I am not a psychic as the world sees psychics. I am a Christian who has the Gift of Knowledge. I can feel things that will happen. My source is the Holy Spirit. People tell me to change my name. People tell me that the name Christian Psychic is misleading. It may be but I have an outreach to the non Christian. I want to reach the people who would not go to a church or a Christian site. I am here for anyone and for some, they will ask me about God. Then, I will tell them about Jesus. That is my purpose for this website and my life.  So, I am not a Christian Psychic, per se. I am a Christian who has the Holy Spirit. He can show the beginning to the end. With God, there is no time. Hence, for those of us who can feel things to be, this is the reason. I hope this clears some things up.

6 thoughts on “Christians, Christian Psychics, Psychics

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami,
    A very good explaination!
    People are only too ready to point out contradictions in other people, but NEVER
    their own contradictions. It’s a form of “holier-then-thou” judging.
    A narrow minded person sees the world according to his narrow minded vision
    and WANTS everybody else to see it in the same way. This provides him with
    a false sense of security.
    He inheritantly KNOWS that it IS FALSE, and MUST DESTROY people with
    contradictory viewpoints to prove himself right.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Don’t change it if it works for you! Let THEM change. Predjudical people
    can’t be happy. They are too locked into their inflexable viewpoints to be

  3. amiannLon Spector

    If you don’t respond to the things I write then I have no point of referance
    to know if I’ve offended you!
    I hope the reason for your lack of response is because of the “posting errors”
    I told you about above,” and not because something devious is a foot.
    Don’t spare my feelings! Let me know for good or ill what’s going on!

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