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What Do You Do To Get Faith?

girl bedDave asked me another great question. I was honored to lead him to Jesus and so he is my special brother.  Let me see if I can help him and anyone who is interested. If you would like to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior or just learn more, contact me on FB or by e mail. My e mail is  mo******@my****************.com.

Let’s get to the question—What Do You Do To Get Faith? The answer starts with the Born Again experience. A person without Jesus is nowhere  and without God. That person may complain and rail at that  but it is the truth. You may pray a hundred times a day. You may be the holiest person. You may help every old lady across the street. You may be scrupulously honest. You may be scrupulously moral but none of this will help you.  It may help you be loved in this world but it won’t help you to find God.

Finding God is a gift. It is a pure gift from God but you must add your true desire. Everyone with a true desire to find God will find the REAL God and that is Jesus. I know I will be hit with virtual tomatoes at my computer screen but luckily you can’t hit me 😀

However, the larger point is that you can mess around with ersatz god things for you whole life and think you got somewhere. You can mess around with Buddha, Krisna and the rest of them but you will never find  the true God, not in a million years. When you die, you won’t be able to be with God in the next world. You will be in darkness in a very real place known.

I know people are fuming that I am narrow minded. The politically correct police are  gearing with with their politically correct weapons and chomping at the bit. However, it does not matter how many people disagree. Truth is not based on consensus. IT JUST IS.

Let me get back to the topic from the little digression.  The first thing that one must do to get faith is to find the right God. Once one finds the right God, one needs to develop a relationship with Him. That is really the topic of this article.

First of all, once must get Born Again. One must accept that one is a sinner( done wrong) and cannot rid oneself of this on one’s own. One must accept that Jesus performed the sacrifice that will reconcile one to God. If this seems far out, let me present the prophecies. In the Old Testament are dozens and dozens of passages  foretelling the future in minute  detail. There is no book  written, ever in the history of all mankind, that could tell the future with no error . The prophecies are the divine hand print of God on the Bible. The prophecies tell you that you can believe the rest.


I will be back.

8 thoughts on “What Do You Do To Get Faith?

  1. amiannLovingMystery

    Have you ever studied Krishna and Buddha? Just because Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that the state of Buddhahood and Krishnahood is any less than Christhood. In fact all three states and names are Lord Consciousness. Jesus is Buddha and Krishna. To deny Buddha and Krishna is to deny Jesus. The height of your self-professed narrow mindedness is alarming and dangerous for those who wish to be spiritual students of yours.

      1. amiannLovingMystery

        Tell me then dearest where I have said wrong. I tell you the truth and u say woe to me. I tell you the word of Buddha and Krishna comes from Jesus before he came into the world and you say woe. Stop trying to separate Buddha and Krishna from Jesus. Christ lives in all god realized religions.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I love how you are sweet when you are angry with just a tinge of anger hiding under the surface. It’s like sexy fighting 😀

          Ok–I can see what you are saying to a point. Lets look at the macro level. God created the Universe. Buddha may have come up with some truths and he DID. The same goes for any New Age teacher, Krishna etc. However, what must be remembered is that Satan comes as an angel of light. Buddha, the Dala Lama etc will not be able to attract people if they don’t have the guise of the truth. They have have 90% of the truth. I agree but the 10% error will send all the followers to Hell and away from the true God in this life, too.

  2. amiannLovingMystery

    Darling I understand it is difficult to really hear me as what I’m providing you is a context you haven’t had to deal with in the way that I present it. Satan exists only where the ego exists. Once body-mind ego is transcended then enlightenment occurs. The bibles purpose is for purification of the ego, where by a saviour is presented to save the soul. Jesus knew most people are unable to dissolve the ego/satan altogether, so a saviour is needed to redeem for the sin of us. Once enlightenment occurs sin ends, and so does all mis-teaching. Then as the enlightened one evolves within the awareness of the kingdom of god the spiritual ego of which lucifer attacks rares its head again offering the universe to the light-being if only we worship him (satan disguised as lucifer). “Jesus tempted in the wilderness, Buddha who armies of demons were sent to attack him. Both Jesus and Buddha prevailed and transcended the final door of the ego, and thus walked again in full enlightenment or as you know it the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Both defeated The Lord of death. To say that Buddha is 90% lord and 10% lucifer/satan-false is absurd as saying a man yesterday gave birth to a 10 pound baby boy through the eye of his penis. It doesn’t make sense. Lol

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