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What The Heck is a Christian Psychic? Questions and Answers

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          1. What the Heck is a Christian Psychic?

I can answer for myself only. I got the name My Christian Psychic at the suggestion of my first web designer. It fit even though I knew I was not a classic Christian Psychic. It just felt like it was supposed to be my name. For me, I am not a psychic, at all. I have one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which is known as the Gift of Knowledge. Each person who gets Born Again gets one or more gifts. You can Google them to see what they are. I am not going to go into them here. If you want me to write an article on them, I will.

Let me make this very simple. A psychic, in the world’s use of the term, gets his answers from the dark side, according to the Bible.The reason is because he is connected to the dark side. Every person who is not Born Again is connected to the dark side. The dark side IS his spiritual ruler. That is just the nature of how man is constructed, according to the Bible.

Hence, if you go to a traditional psychic, he may know many things. However, they will not be coming from God. This psychic will not lead you right all the time. He may be right 95% of the time. However, the 5% when he is not will lead you astray.

A Christian psychic who uses the Bible for his guide will be right 100% of the time. However, when he accesses the Word of Knowledge, he may not hear right. Human error may come in and he may be wrong, too.

    2. Many of my Christian clients tell me I should change my name. Why Don’t I?

I feel I am supposed to have the name My Christian Psychic. I am not sure why, totally. I do know that my outreach is to the unsaved person. Being an Astrologer, I am in many New Age communities. I am one of the few Born Again Christians. I think my name represents my outreach, in that unsaved people would not come to a traditionally Christian person. Unsaved people will not come to a church, usually. The Born Again Christian must go where the unsaved people are. What good does it do others to stay in a small Born Again Christian world. Who are you reaching?

I don’t mean to say that God does not need people to be in the churches to help other Christians. However, I feel that I am supposed to be in the New Age communities. Hence, my name is not a traditional name and has the word ‘psychic” in it.

That is my answer to my name.

3. Do I preach about Jesus to people?

NO. I answer when asked. I think it is obnoxious to try to shove Jesus down people’s throats like a bad medicine. Jesus is too precious to treat with such little regard. You can come on my website forever and I will never preach to you.

When I do charts, I do say that only God can overcome the charts. If people ask me how to find God, I will tell them what  I think but if not, they could stay on my website and Forum, forever, and never be subjected to preaching from me.

I hope this answers some of the questions I get from both Christians and non Christians on my use of the term Christian psychic. If you have questions, please feel free to ask, as always!



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