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How To Have a Miracle?

It is well accepted that some people have miracles. Everyone has seen or heard about a miracle such as someone being cured of cancer in a moment. Even the most hardened scientist will admit that miracles DO happen. If one miracle has happened, then the possibility is there for a miracle for you and me. The Bible talks about how to have a miracle. The Bible answers all of our questions. God did not leave us here, with no direction. The Bible is the Owners Manual for man. Our Owners Manual tells us how to meet our dreams, no matter how far off they seem. The one caveat is that the dreams have to be aligned with God’s Will. One can find God’s Will in the Bible.A miracle can happen because God exists beyond time and space. What seems outlandish to us is not outlandish to a God who exists beyond the finite dimensions of the earth. Hence, our discussion about miracles has to start from that vantage point. One must suspend logic and reason which are attributes of the earth dimension. At this point, one must look at God’s Promises to us. God promises us many wonderful things but we have our part to play in it.Our part is faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith, it is impossible to pull the miraculous into this earthbound dimension. Faith is the key. Faith unlocks the door to the miraculous. If you can find a promise for it, you can have it. It is that simple. God does not give exceptions. Man comes up with exceptions. Read the Bible and find the promise that you want.

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