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I Realized that I Saw My Son’s Spirit

I have had a strange set of experiences which has led me to this conclusion. I will start from the beginning which was my 21 year old son’s death. After that, I placed an ad for a Handyman. A man came into my life who could build a house from the ground up. He was a general contractor,licensed plumber, licensed electrician, professional painter and a top of the line handyman. Later, I found out he was a Born Again Christian. However, it does not stop there. He was a professional musician and singer with his own band. I started taking guitar lessons with him. A year later he sat me down and told me he wanted to tell me something. He said, ” I am a medium.” I was freaked out because I thought the Bible said not to commune with the dead. I thought my friend was wrong to do so. I tried to tell him but I knew he was not responsive so I dropped it. Meanwhile, when my friend was at my house, a few strange things happened. The guitar played itself while he was sitting across the room from it. I was in the other room grinding coffee beans so did not hear it. Another time, my friend said that the door to the porch opened itself. It has a push down handle which my friend said pushed itself down. I did not see this, either. My friend told me that my son had come to him in a dream with a message for me.. My son was upset about someone in my life. My son did not want me hurt by this person. Honestly, I dismissed what my friend said as I had the proscription of dealing with the dead. The Bible says that spirits from the dark side can do activities which make you think that you contacted a dead loved one. I chalked these experiences up to that.

My friend asked me if I wanted to contact my son. I refused for the reasons I mentioned. A few years later, I met Thom who is on my FB page for my website. He has had four Near Death experiences. He went to Heaven. He begged God not to send him back but Thom came back. Thom wrote to me and told me that he was an odd ball Christian as I am. He is a Christian Goth. He told me about the Christian Goth movement and introduced me to the music. Thom told me that the Christian Goth Movement is just people who share their hearts with each other as we are supposed to do as Christians. As I got to know Thom more, I realized that he was the real deal. He had a true heart relationship with God. Thom told me about seeing spirits. I could receive this from him as I knew that he had an understanding of God which I could trust. Thom told me that spirits came to him. He did not call on them. That is the difference. I don’t think we are supposed to call on them as in a seance. That is when we could open ourselves up to the dark side. At any rate, I realized that I had seen my sons spirit. I saw the dark outline of a figure walk down the stairs from his room just as he always did. I saw it several times out of the corner of my eye. I think it walked as he did and was the same size and shape. I have had several experiences of a different nature that I may share, later. However, I felt that I wanted to share this.

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