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People Who Work SO Hard to Please God

young-woman-in-park-jumping-on-lawnI see so many people doing so many things to try to please God. In the New Age movement, you have the Karma cafe. People are scared to death to get bad Karma. In the Orthodox Jewish movement, you have people who control all of their actions according to minute laws. If you look around, you see people trying to be good enough to please God.

You can’t please God not matter if you are a monk who prays 24/7. It is impossible to do anything to make yourself acceptable to God. I don’t care what it is or how much you do it. It is like a dirty rag to God. What is a person to do? Pleasing God is really easy. One has to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for one’s flaws. One can’t rise above them, no matter how many hours one meditates or how many good deeds one does. It is impossible.

Finding God is free to all. Pleasing God is free to all. Come unto me, all you who are hungry and thirsty and you will hunger and thirst no more. Man complicates what God has made simple.

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