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Save Your Money–Why Psychology will make you WORSE?

I seem called upon to take on sacred cows. I do so knowing I will get no end of flak. However, what is one’s life if one is a politically correct duck, quacking absurdities? Here goes. I have unique qualifications to make this statement.I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree from two of the top colleges in the country. I studied Psychology for six years. I had an internship with abused woman and the men who were mandated from the courts to undergo counseling. My mother is a practicing therapist. I have been in therapy since I was twelve year old until I realized that it was making me worse and I could lose my entire sanity unless I ran. Those are unusual qualifications to get you to at least listen, I hope.

I can talk from all three perspectives listed above. Each of them further reinforces my belief. I will take each one, in order. When a client comes to a therapist, there may be some cursory benefits just from the actual talking or unburdening of the client. This is good but could be gotten from a friend, a priest or a support group. One does need to unburden oneself. However, the field of Psychology is not needed for this simple, yet important feat. One could call a hot line if one needed to unburden oneself and had no one in one’s current life with which to do this.

I do want to say something, here.If one is in a precarious, a therapist could help carry you through it as you have SOMEONE there. However, the field of Psychology is not what is helping you.It is the fact that you have a person to whom you can talk. You have the consistency of knowing that person is there and will be there, for you.If a person is in this precarious state, they may need a therapist, short term. However, they will not make the progress they want to a full adult maturity level, emotionally, if they stay within the Psychology paradigm, in my experience.

It is hard to try to explain why Psychology makes one worse when Psychology is such a fabric of the society.It is inextricably woven into the zeitgeist of the culture. Psychology appears to offer a salvation to just the thing it is creating. I will try to explain this as clearly as I can. One’s goal is to be able to think and feel for oneself. If one does not have this capacity, one must depend on others to do this for one. One of the classic “others” is the field of psychology. Make no mistake when I talk about a person who cannot think for himself. I am not talking about intelligence or even intellect.I am talking about emotions and the ability to feel them. There is an intelligence which is based on feeling emotions.If you cannot, you may be slow in emotional intelligence even if you have a PhD in psychics from Harvard. I am talking about two different kinds of intelligence here. The psychologist may have a PhD from Harvard or an MD from Harvard Medical School. He may still have the emotional intelligence of a five year old. Herein, lies the subject of my article. How can you have a PhD or an MD from Harvard and have the emotional intelligence of a five year old. If I can answer that question, with clarity, I will have answered the question posed in the title.

Emotional intelligence is prevalent in most children. The trick is to grow up and mature in the ways of the world but not to lose the connection to your emotions i.e. emotional intelligence. It seems atypical for a child to remain intact in his emotional intelligence as he matures. Herein lies the problem. The Bible likens men to sheep. If you study sheep, it is not a favorable likeness. Sheep are dumb and cannot think for themselves. Jesus is the Great Shepherd. We are told that we will be safe if we stay in Him. How does this relate to emotional intelligence? A child needs a parent on whom he can depend. A child, also, needs access to his own emotions. A person must find the Great Shepherd or not much else matters. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his very soul?

I have gone a bit afield of my original question. One needs God in order to navigate this world. if one does not navigate it well, there is Eternal Life which is forever. Your blips on the radar screen in this life will fade to nothing once you are in the next world. So, if you screw up, royally, in this world, don’t despair if you have Eternal Life. At any rate, I do not want to ignore my opening question. Psychology will make you worse because it is not consistent with the true human nature. It is an imitation of the real, as is the case with things that get into the hands of the forces which wish us ill. Psychology is diametrically opposed to the Bible, at it’s core. At the apex, it may look the same. However, at the core it is opposed.One cannot drink from the fountain of a body of knowledge which is opposed to God’s Ways and not suffer harm. The harm may be insidious. It may seem as if there is no harm, at all, but there must be if one is taken far afield of the Bible. Hence, the answer to the question posed is coming into focus. One cannot go diametrically opposed to the Bible and expect to come out with healing, any healing. One will come out impaired. One may not know it, as if often the case with Psychology. One may raise the banner of Psychology as one’s savior but the fruits will not be there.One’s life will not show it. As one proclaims the benefits of Psychology,one will be sinking.One will be falling down, in some way. One cannot go against God’s ways and expect to prosper.One can have the appearance of prospering, but it will be short term and short lived. This will always be the case.




5 thoughts on “Save Your Money–Why Psychology will make you WORSE?

  1. amiannDL

    well you are right to a degree cause people who turn psychology into a religion end up fueling their own stupidity

    psychology is and always will be a science trying to explain why we behave….and should not be used in any other way a theoretical tool to be used for ones emotional healing

    one does not need any PHDs to use psychology since REAL psycology is not found in books….people knew a long time ago that listening and letting others get their pain out WAY before it was defined as therapy

    around emotional progression im sure you know the psychology is as good as the person treating and the person treated and if the person treating is not emotionally equipped to handle such a job its his fault and psychology itself is not to blame

    i must say that you are DEFINETLY right about the large amount of people who work in the field of psychology ….and in a way many other social services…. and are not emotionally developed to deal with such type of work and letting hurt and lost people rely on them CAN and WILL cause more harm then there was in the first place

    religion actually wins in this argument cause unlike the people who use psychology to guide people to emotional development….people who use the bible to guide people (priest,imams,rabbis and the sort) MUST be emotionally developed enough to be able to guide people and help them in their time of need (at least in my opinion…..)

    if some people find their emotional development in the bible so be it….. it is also a form of psychology to use and if it works and does not turn them into fanatics then why not 🙂

    but im firm in my opinion that one must develop ones emotions inside himself…. seeking guidence from other is fine but no matter what they say its the person himself that decides to develop and not anybody else

    i hope that what i wrote in this was clear and did not offend you in any way cause i see our friendship as more important than to be ruined by different opinions (or the same….i already forgot what i wrote XD) and il be glad to hear feedback from you

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