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The Next World–No Ego

I have not had a Near Death Experience. These really, really change people. It is funny but my two closest friends in real life have had them. I asked one of my friends why he was so calm. A car fell on hi1-bourbon-street-mime-kathleen-k-parkerm when he was working under it. It was on a lift and rolled onto him. He saw his life flash before him and he saw his future, too. He did not see what is normally seen in a typical NDE but he came back with a peace and a calm.

My other best friend died during a fever. He did not see have a classic NDE either but he has no fear of death. Both of these people are full of life. They have something distinctly different about them. It is a calm and a confidence. I have had many OBE’s( Out of Body Experiences). In these, one very pronounced fact is that one has no ego. One is free of the part of oneself that hurts the most and binds the most.

I have had mind blowing OBEs. There is no real life trip you can go on which is as amazing as an OBE. If you have ever had flying dreams, you know what I mean. Many of these are OBEs.


I will be back.

2 thoughts on “The Next World–No Ego

  1. amiannLon Spector

    The N.D.E. experience is common in every culture. Usually, these visions of the
    “next world,” resemble the particular cultural teachings that the pertisapent was raised
    with. If they were reared the the Judio/Christian world, they might see the “classical Jesus,”
    who has no relationship whatever to the true historical Jesus of history. If the N.D.E.
    experiencer is of eastern extraction, he will have visions of Krisna or Vishnu, et all.
    Clinical “death” has no relationship to actual death. That’s why Christ had to be dead for
    3 whole days before his ressurection could be called a bonnafide miracle. An actual
    deteriation of the body has to take place.
    We’ve heard about cases of simulated death like drugged out zombies in Hati, or
    the custom of the “wake” where a bell is placed above the casket so no accidental
    burial takes place.
    Lazrus was dead for three days like Christ, and his body “stinkith.” When Christ brought
    Lazrus back, he had nothing to say about anything beyond death, because there IS nothing
    beyond death except through the resserection, and ONLY because Christ WAS resserected.
    “If Christ be not raised your faith is in vain, and all who have died believing in Christ ARE
    Man doesn’t HAVE a soul, he IS a soul.
    As for O.B.E.s, people can be deluded into thinking that they’ve actually ocurred, but the
    human body is a marvelous instrument, and we’ve yet to plum the full depths of how it
    operates. People may have more perceptual abilitys then we know of, but that doesn’t
    mean they’ve actually escaped their bodies.

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