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The Power of Love

red lips painbrush  girlThere is a power in love. There is a power in anger. Both are tools. Some Christians feel they must be sicky sweet. This is not the love of Jesus. Jesus was strong. He was not an effete man, the way we see many effete men, today. Jesus would be more in line with a Martin Luther King or a Oskar Schindler. There is a power with gentleness. Strong gentleness is more of a power than the raw, screaming kind of anger. This is weak anger.

14 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Perhaps. But the “Jesus” of His time was NOT what the people were hoping or
    looking for. He broke so many conventions. He had the right to do so, because as God
    incarnate, He was the Lord of those laws.

    People wanted the prophised Christ of the second coming. They never expected to see
    just a plain human being, even if He could work miracles. Couldn’t Satan work miracles.
    The people didn’t want a “wussy” who wept over Jerusalem. They wanted a conquering
    Schwazanegger type who would reconquer Jerusalem and push aside Gentile “scum” with
    a wave of His hand.
    God had to grace people with the knowledge of who Jesus actually was, just as He has
    to grace us TODAY about who Jesus actually is.

  2. amiannferryleaf

    🙂 I like that, Lon.

    Re: the word “effete,” Ami: Meh. :/

    Personally I think that the trend in freeing up men to be as fully human as they are, with all that that entails…pain, tears, feelings, sensitivity too…is nothing but a positive thing.

    Some may have preferences for certain presentations, in men – certain ‘types’ of men – but that doesn’t go for all of us.

    Personally I find #10 listed here:

    …hot. 😀 I’d be all over that.

    And the rest of the things in that list, I find either just amusing or downright charming. 😀

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I know the word effete was a strong one but men are being subtly pressured to jettison their masculinity. As in all social pressures, it is subtle. One agrees with a man being a fully functioning person, of course. However, men are different than women. There is a current climate to feminize men. That was my larger point.

      1. amiannferryleaf

        Right. Well, I think that the current trend is probably a reaction to the former- the not-so-subtle push (more like a forceful, rough shove, really) for men to eschew their more tender, compassionate, human and humane sides. Or else, to bury them deep and hide them.

        And as all things do, it has come (or IS coming) full circle, that’s all. (IMO)

        One day, I hope both men and women just plain feel free to express whoever they are, inside. The world would be so much less full of hangups and neuroses that way! 🙂

        And you’d probably end up with a world full of male & female “mixed bags” – some more, & some less traditionally “masculine/feminine”…just the way men & women have always been. 😉 (When they weren’t stuffing & hiding their perceived “unacceptable” or undesirable qualities, in many previous eras.)

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I totally hear you, Ferry. I agree in theory but yet I think there is a trend to modify the basic, God given natures of men and women which are different. However, if you can put up with me, I can put up with you 😀

          PS I am really happy you are here, Ferry. You add a great deal.

          1. amiannferryleaf

            I can handle our differences, of course. 🙂 If it is okay for me to offer my opinions when they differ, though?–That would make me feel comfortable about staying around for the longer haul. If I start to get preachy though, let me know. lol

            I think I generally do okay at expressing my differences respectfully and non-obnoxiously, but I *can* at times get a bit…ehhh…schoolmarm-y. xD

            PS I am really happy you are here, Ferry. You add a great deal.

            Z’aww. *blushsmile* Thank you Ami. <3

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            I, personally, don’t know why people reject you when you have different opinions. People de-friend me on FB when I have differences of opinion.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    The Jesus of “the first coming” was a meek “Good Shepard” Jesus. He was like a
    “plant out of a dry ground.” Obviously. He didn’t pass “superhero muster.”
    The second coming Jesus WILL be like the conquering Messiah from “The Battle Him Of
    The Republic.”
    Remember, when Piolate asked Christ if He was a king, He responded, “My kingdom is
    not of this world. (Time.) “If it were, my servants would fight to prevent Me from being turned
    over to the Jews.”
    Christ’s “mission” WAS to die-for us all. The religious authourities of His time must have
    said, “Goodriddence to bad garbage!”

  4. amiannLon Spector

    I knew that with Uranus in the 12th it was only a matter of time. But I’d just like to
    hear a difinative declaration: “Go away and don’t come back!” You might also tell me
    the names of some of the others involved because they might be tempted to follow me to
    other sites. At least, you’ll get Anya back.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Life is like an obstical course presenting many challeges that must be overcome.
    If not, we fall by the wayside and up in an even worse condition then when we began!

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