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Touching the Next Dimension and Vibratory Rates

I seem to be in the uncomfortable position of having many unusual interests and feeling compelled to write about them. My ego tells me that I am weird and will be rejected, but my inner compass tells me to share what I discover. I have Uranus in the 9th house, the house of spirituality, religion and intellectual thought. Uranus makes you break old structures in the house in which it resides. I, probably, say all this as I feel a sense of insecurity about what I am going to share and I want to preface it in a way that I end up looking as good as I can i.e saving face. Well, i skip with any more preliminaries and go on.

I do Kundalini yoga every day. I have worked the dog pant breath up to 15-20 minutes without stopping. I listen to Christian music as I do the breathing. The last few times that I did the breathing very intensely, I had a vision that I have had, at times. It feels very real and I KNOW it is real. It is my son standing behind the gates of heaven in a group of people. What is funny, although it is not “funny” is that I see my friends father there, who recently passed on. I am not the kind of person who passes around spiritual stories as if they are cheap drinks at a frat party. I hold spiritual experiences in sacred regard. However, I feel that the Kundalini breath exercises are allowing me access to the next dimension. I have never taken drugs which would open up these spiritual centers, although I know that drugs do. I am doing it with yoga and a mastery of the breathing exercises.

Since I have been having this entryway into the next dimension, one could say, I have been much more peaceful. I am not as afraid of life, or death. I am still afraid, as I am a high strung kind of person. However, I feel my son’s actual presence and it feels as if he is beaming. I am excited to do yoga every day, now. I am trying to work the dog pant breath up to 30 minutes or more. Maybe, one day I will levitate and not be back.

4 thoughts on “Touching the Next Dimension and Vibratory Rates

  1. amiannKathleen

    Hi, I understand everything you wrote, I too have had many awesome experiences and have thought people must think I am really strange, so I quit talking about things. I was born on a Sunday. Believe in the after life because I have seen many loved ones who have passed away and they tell me things only they know, and when I tell people what they have said to me, I get strange looks. Many of my family members believe in me, some do not and think I am a fruit loop. I keep my visions to myself, I am very spiritual and no longer fear death. Bless you for your gift. I love mine. Kathleen.

  2. amiannDee

    I believe you. I have felt some of the same things, and it is helpful to know that even such an accomplished person can feel insecure about sharing something so personal. Thankfully, I have been enabled to see and experience enough information so that I know of the other life, the Love there and that we are not alone here. I do not fear the death of this one.
    But I wonder this…Why, despite this blessing , or how…, can one remain “stuck” in fear and behaviors that are unproductive for them? Shouldn’t that “sureness” overcome, if not all, at least
    some of one’s personal struggles?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Dee. I really don’t want to give a trite answer. I think I have a lot of fear from my background. We, Jews, can be highly fearful people, even if someone like myself had little actual persecution for my religion. I think that we, Jews, carry ancestral burdens, one could say. The New Birth has taken away all such things in one’s spirit. However, one’s flesh ( the body and personality) must immerse itself in God, in order to overcome old family and cultural vestiges. Does that answer the question? Please, feel free to ask more, if it doesn’t. I appreciate your being part of my website, Dee!

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