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What Does it MEAN to be Born Again?

541231_278942748887991_1539314417_nThis article will be a companion of my last one”What Does it Mean to Sell Your Soul to the Devil” The word” Born Again” is one of those words that many people don’t really understand, in terms of the essence. Born Again Christians look like nuts to many people. They may act nutty and off putting. People may lump them in a group of fanatics. People may look down on them as ignorant. I know all this because I did it. Many people do.I would like to explain what the word means and how to do it, if you are so inclined.

Why get Born Again? If you read my precious article, you will know that the unsaved person is connected with the devil, in his spirit. The person may look good. The person may look holy. Many New Age people would not hurt a fly. They are still connected to the devil as much as a mass murderer is. There is no act a person can do to unhook him from this connection with the devil. He could save a city full of people and lose his life, as a hero. However, he would be as connected to the devil as was Ted Bundy. People think in terms of the world. God thinks in terms of the spirit.

Hence, if you are not Born Again, your spirit is connected to the god of this world. When you get Born Again, your spirit is connected to God’s spirit. Then, when you die, you go to heaven. That is the ONLY way to go. Belonging to a church or being baptized as a baby will not change your spirit to one that is connected with God. One has to make a conscious choice to accept Jesus as the propitiation for one’s sins. This just means that Jesus covers our sins. When this happens, we can go into the presence of God. When we die, we go to Heaven and we will be there forever.

If a person is not Born Again, when he dies, he goes to Hell. He will remain there, forever. There is no exit door in Hell. One of the scariest things I read is that when an unsaved man dies, the demons come to get him. When a saved man dies, the angels or loved ones come to get him. When an unsaved man dies, he goes down. When a saved person dies, he goes up.

The reason a man needs to be Born Again is so that God’s spirit will COVER him. No man can face God with his sinful nature intact. It can’t happen. God is too holy for that. Jesus came to earth to reconcile us to God. That was His purpose. To shun that gift will send you to Hell. People think this is mean and unfair. However, if you saw how Jesus suffered and died, it is very fair.


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9 thoughts on “What Does it MEAN to be Born Again?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Totally serious. Karma is not a Biblical concept. Man made it up. There is a law of sowing and reaping but that is for this life. Karma is a bogus concept, all the way around, Friend.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          The spirit of these people are both connected with Satan. Their deeds were different. However, both are equally unsaved and will go to Hell. There may be different degrees of Hell but they will BOTH be there. That was my point, Friend. I will write an article for you on the Prophecies. I have been meaning to do it but got lazy 😛

  1. amiannLon Spector

    It means to be a new creation in Christ. “Transformed in to the image of His son.”
    “there is neither Jew nor Gentile, male nor female, but Christ is all in all.”

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