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What is a Christian Psychic?

I come under controversy, at times. The Christian community wants to burn me at the stake. Too many people put God in a box. The only box into which God falls is love. For my part, my psychic ability is simply a Gift of the Holy Spirit. We all have them. There are many. Each person may have more than one. One of mine is the ability to feel the future. It is not strange if one studies contemporary physics, which has melded together concepts which were in the purview of nutcases, prior to this time in the history of classically accepted Physics. At any rate, I am a traditional Christian in many ways. I am an out of the box Christian in others. However, one must remember that if a person is serving God, God may send him into uncharted territories. God is so much bigger than any of us can imagine. I adhere to the Bible. The Bible tells us not to call upon the dead. I do follow this. However, if the dead come to you, I think that is different. When I meditate, I feel I can sense the next dimension and my son who has passed on. I think this is in line with God, but I would not have a seance. I am 100% sold out to Jesus and the God of the Bible, Old and New Testament. This makes my life easy, in a way. I want to serve Him. I want Him to tell me, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. It makes many things fall by the wayside, nonessential things. One wants to help bring lost sheep home.

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