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When Should a Christian Fight Back?

This question comes to the fore at various times. I have heard all varieties of answers to it. One person said that he should let his girlfriend be raped and stand by, as a Christian should never fight. Other people think the Christian should turn his cheek, for as long as the abuse lasts and never stand up/fight back. The Bible gives practical answers to all of our life questions. God knew that we, humans, needed help. God gave us the Bible as the Owners Manual for ourselves, just as a sleek BMWer has it’s Owners Manual. The astrological chart is the blueprint for the individual. The Bible is the Owners Manual for all individuals.

In a case such as this, it can get confusing. I have been confused. Others are confused. I will tell you about a teaching from Andrew Wommack, on this very subject, as he was wanted to know the answer, as well. Andrew is one of the best Bible teachers for the simple explanation of the Bible. He does not understand Prophecy, and says this, himself. However, for a clear and simple explanation of the Bible and in very practical terms, Andrew is very good.

Andrew is a regular person, as I strive to be. I do not want to be the kind of person who is so “holy” that she takes the fun out of the room as people feel they have to pray when they see her. Jesus was full of life. Jesus had humor. We were made in God’s image. If we have humor, God did. Hence, I try to laugh where I can. It is not hard, as life is absurd. However, back to Andrew. Andrew served in the army. He is a normal kind of guy, not a guy who has lived his life in a monastery, but in the normal every day world.

Andrew tackled the above question. He came to an answer which I think it true and with which I subscribe.

Andrew said that one must attack this question from two perspectives, the earthly perspective and the spiritual perspective. Andrew has traveled around the world many times. He has a Bible college. He has a world wide ministry. He has had to learn to deal with all kinds of people. He does not live in a professorial ivory tower. That is one reason I like him. I do not expect to stay cooped up in a sanctimonious box. I want to go out into the world and deal with all kinds of people. I need a guidebook for such. If not, I suspect I( and all Christians) would be cat food to the roaring lions. God does not mean His children to be abused. God does not mean for his children to be punching bags or doormats. Who would want to be a Christian, if this were the job description?It is plain foolishness. However, lets hear from Andrew, not I. Andrew has much more worldly wisdom than I, so I will defer to him, in the rest of this article.

Andrew gave an illustration in his own life. He was sharing the Bible with a man. The man was spitting in his face, literally. Andrew did not stop what he was saying. He finished his words. Andrew said one must endure persecution to promote the Word of God or message of God. There are people who give their lives by going to hostile countries to tell people about Jesus. This is a sacrificial love for God.

However, Andrew said that if someone stole his wallet, he would do whatever he needed to do, to get his wallet back. Andrew said that a Christian ONLY needs to be abused/turn the other cheek when it is a service to God, not when someone is dumping on him for that person’s emotional reasons. That is totally ridiculous.

More than ridiculous, it is a bad witness to others. No one respects a wimp. God did not call Christians to be wimps. If you had a child, would you want your child to be beaten up and stand there and take it? God is our father. If you put God in the role of a loving father, you will have the answer to most of your questions.

A Christian should have the MOST dignity, as he is a child of the living God. He should hold himself, as such. He should conduct himself, as such. He is not perfect and will make mistakes. Then, he needs to say he is sorry. However, a Christian does not need to be beaten up by others for no reason that another person’s jealousy or pettiness. I don’t serve a God like that. I would not expect YOU to, either.

2 thoughts on “When Should a Christian Fight Back?

  1. amiannsteve cochran

    He gave us the freedom to choose so that we might learn from our successes and failures and gain wisdom. That’s a pretty big gift! Astrology helps me sort things out. Through Pisces he may have given me the ability to tolerate insult (spit), and through the Scorpio lens, gave me the fixed determination not to tolerate abuse and the courage to punish it, The ability to discern the difference, I believe, he left to (or demanded of) each of us.

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